What to Avoid Eating for Fatty Liver Improvement and Control of the Condition

What to Avoid Eating for Fatty Liver Improvement and Control of the Condition

Fatty liver disease is a manifestation of the accumulation of excess fat in the liver. The main cause of fatty liver disease is often an imbalanced diet with high fat and starch intake. Changing to a scientific and balanced diet is the first step in treating fatty liver disease. So what should you avoid eating if you have fatty liver disease? Shopdepre has compiled a list of foods to avoid or limit if you have this condition.

Foods containing animal fats

Animal fats, when consumed, pass through the liver for processing and metabolism. If you consume too much animal fat, and the liver cannot process it in time, it can lead to fat accumulation and fatty liver disease. Therefore, it is advisable to use plant-based oils instead of animal fats.

What to Avoid Eating for Fatty Liver Improvement and Control of the Condition

Foods high in cholesterol

Foods high in cholesterol, such as organ meats, egg yolks, and more, should be minimized to reduce the fat content in the liver.

Red meats

Red meats, including beef, buffalo, and pork, contain a lot of protein and fat and are metabolized in the liver. Consuming excessive red meat can burden the liver and worsen the condition of fatty liver disease.

Fruits high in sugar

Sugar intake is processed by the liver, so consuming fruits with high sugar content can contribute to fatty liver disease.

Processed foods, spicy seasonings, and hot spices

Processed foods often contain harmful preservatives and additives that are not good for health. Consuming too many spicy seasonings and hot spices can reduce liver function and exacerbate liver conditions.


Stimulants like cigarettes, alcohol, and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited for patients with fatty liver disease. Alcohol consumption can worsen fatty liver disease, leading to fibrosis and even liver cancer.

What to Avoid Eating for Fatty Liver Improvement and Control of the Condition

Shopdepre has provided answers to your questions about what to avoid eating if you have fatty liver disease. However, in addition to building a scientific and balanced diet, it is essential for patients to increase physical activity and exercise to boost immunity and enhance liver cell metabolism, leading to better disease management.

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