What to Eat for Quick Relief from Stomach Pain?

What to Eat for Quick Relief from Stomach Pain?

Your daily diet significantly affects the health of your stomach. Therefore, eating haphazardly and without a scientific approach can lead to stomach issues, a common problem in Vietnam. Choosing the right foods for someone with stomach pain is crucial because selecting the wrong ones can worsen the discomfort and make the condition more severe. So, let’s find out what to eat when you have stomach pain with Shopdepre!


Bananas are the first food to mention because they contain components that are beneficial for stomach activity. They help neutralize excess stomach acid and alleviate pain. Furthermore, bananas are rich in potassium, which supports blood sugar regulation and minimizes blood vessel damage.

What to Eat for Quick Relief from Stomach Pain?


The components in apples act as lubricants for the digestive tract, inhibit excessive acid production, and factors leading to stomach pain. Apples also stimulate the digestive system to work efficiently, aiding in the breakdown and digestion of food to reduce stomach pain.


What should people with stomach pain eat? Whenever stomach pain recurs, you can immediately consume a piece of toasted bread to suppress harmful agents affecting the stomach lining.


Turmeric combined with honey is one of the traditional remedies that many people use to treat stomach pain. Honey contains various health-promoting components, particularly beneficial for the digestive system, making it a favorite among many.


Yogurt is a food containing beneficial bacteria for the body and especially the digestive system. A tip for achieving the best results is to consume yogurt when you’re already full to better support the digestive process.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is rich in mineral components, especially high levels of potassium that support intestinal bacteria in working effectively.


Corn is often compared to ginseng for the digestive system. It contains numerous vitamins, carotenes, and other nutrients that are beneficial for health, aiding in the recovery from stomach pain-related damage. Furthermore, the mucilage in corn helps protect the stomach lining, minimizing the risk of injury.

What to Eat for Quick Relief from Stomach Pain?

After reading this article on what to eat for quick relief from stomach pain, you surely have a better understanding of a well-balanced and scientific diet for those suffering from stomach issues. Implement these guidelines for better health!

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