Youthful Skin through Basic Daily Massage Techniques

Youthful Skin through Basic Daily Massage Techniques

As one enters middle age, the aging process becomes more evident and accelerated, especially marked by dark spots, pigmentation, and fine lines. Shopdepre will share with you massage techniques to rejuvenate your skin.

Eye Area Massage

The area around the eyes has delicate and sensitive skin, where signs of aging and crow’s feet often appear. To massage the eyes, use the tips of your fingers to gently press at the temples, then perform circular motions around the eyes to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, massaging for about 30 seconds. Next, massage along the curve at the outer corner of the eyes, moving downwards under the eyes and looping back towards the eye corners, for the same duration.

Youthful Skin through Basic Daily Massage Techniques

Chin Area Massage

Use the tips of both your index fingers and place them in the middle of your chin, then gently stroke in a curved motion towards the mouth to counter sagging, boost collagen production, and massage for about 20 seconds.

Mouth Area Massage

Using four fingers, gently stroke from the corner of the mouth towards the ears in a curved motion on each side, perform this for about two minutes, then switch sides.

Youthful Skin through Basic Daily Massage Techniques

Cheek Area Massage

Begin by forming a curved shape with your index fingers and place them under your nostrils, gently press with slight pressure and stroke lightly towards the temples for about two minutes.

Forehead Area Massage

Position both hands on the forehead, move your fingertips in circular motions from the center outward to relax muscles and smooth out wrinkles, massage for about 15 seconds.

Youthful Skin through Basic Daily Massage Techniques
lợi ích của massage

These basic and simple massage techniques are easy to apply and offer excellent results. Combine them with various oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, or honey to enhance their effectiveness on the skin.

Before massaging, ensure your hands and face are clean, and start when the skin is slightly damp. The most effective times for massage are in the morning or before bedtime. While immediate results may not be noticeable, consistent practice yields remarkable outcomes over time.

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