What to Eat in Sapa?

What to Eat in Sapa?

Sapa is not only a top destination for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its delicious and unique local specialties. If you’re planning to visit and explore Sapa but are unsure about what to eat, it’s best to refer to our article for a more informed perspective!

Q&A: What to Eat in Sapa?

The exceptional cuisine of Sapa often leaves many wondering about the best dishes to savor while there. With a variety of tantalizing options that can make your mouth water just by hearing their names, we’ve compiled detailed information in the following article to broaden your choices when visiting Sapa:

What to Eat in Sapa?

Stir-fried Noodles with Vegetables

Different from typical stir-fried noodles, in Sapa, when you try “mì xào rau,” you’ll notice that the chef uses locally distinct vegetables like water morning glory and mustard greens for preparation. This gives the dish a unique taste, with a slightly bitter initial flavor and a mild sweetness lingering in your throat.

To create a perfect combination, “mì xào rau” in Sapa is stir-fried with beef, chicken, seafood, and a separate bowl of broth. You can add chili, vinegar, or pepper to enhance the flavor to your liking!

Grilled Shoulder Pork

When discussing what to eat in Sapa, locals often recommend the “lợn bản quay cắp nách,” a dish of grilled Mường pig’s shoulder pork wrapped with honey outside. The enticing aroma of the smoke and the layer of honey on the outside, coupled with the tender and crispy Mường pig’s shoulder pork within, leaves an unforgettable impression on many.

This dish is served with “hạt dổi” (a type of rice), “lá nhội” (a local herb), and “mắc khén” (a wild spice) to create a perfect combination of flavors. Enjoying “lợn bản cắp nách” with “rượu táo mèo” (apple cider) and “rượu ngô” (corn liquor) makes it even more delightful.

Special Pho

If you’re looking for a dish with a mountainous flavor when in Sapa, you must try the “phở đặc biệt” (special pho). The large, thick, and slightly purplish-white strands of noodles immediately catch your attention. The well-seasoned, boneless, finely-shredded chicken meat in the special pho enhances the rich taste.

What to Eat in Sapa?

The broth of Sapa’s special pho carries the fragrant aroma of beef bones and a hint of spice from “mắc khén.” Trying it just once will leave an unforgettable impression on any traveler.


With the information shared in this article, we’re confident that you’ve found answers to your query about what to eat in Sapa. We hope you have the opportunity to savor all three of these dishes for a truly delightful experience during your visit!

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