What to Eat for Quick Recovery and Good Oral Health When You Have Toothache?

What to Eat for Quick Recovery and Good Oral Health When You Have Toothache?

People suffering from toothaches often experience discomfort and sensitivity. Prolonged toothache can adversely affect your overall health. Therefore, it’s important to choose appropriate foods to minimize the pain and promote faster recovery. So, do you know what to eat when you have a toothache? Let Shopdepre reveal some helpful tips!

Milk and Dairy Products

These are excellent choices for individuals with toothaches. Dairy products are easy to consume, dissolve easily, and don’t require chewing, making them suitable for those in pain. Milk and dairy products are rich in nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, which help strengthen and remineralize tooth enamel. Additionally, dairy contains proteins like casein and lactoferrin, which can help protect teeth from bacteria.

What to Eat for Quick Recovery and Good Oral Health When You Have Toothache?

Broth-Based Soups

Broth-based soups offer numerous health benefits and are easy to consume, making them a good option for toothache sufferers. These soups are nutrient-dense and help keep your body hydrated.

Fatty Fish

To alleviate toothache, consider eating fatty, tender fish. Some fish varieties like salmon and tuna are known to significantly reduce pain due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties.


If you’re wondering what to eat for a toothache, pomegranate is a suitable choice. Pomegranate has soft flesh and is easy to eat. It contains ample calcium and phosphorus, which are beneficial for oral health.


Ginger has many therapeutic properties, particularly for pain relief and digestion. Toothache sufferers can prepare ginger tea or mix ginger with a bit of honey to effectively reduce pain.

Green Tea Leaves

Green tea leaves are rich in antioxidants. When used, they can quickly reduce pain and support oral health by reducing inflammation. This benefit is attributed to the presence of flavonoids in green tea. For maximum effectiveness, individuals with toothaches can chew green tea leaves directly or brew tea to drink.

What to Eat for Quick Recovery and Good Oral Health When You Have Toothache?

This article provides insights into what to eat when you have a toothache. Shopdepre hopes that these food recommendations will help individuals with toothaches select suitable options for a quicker recovery and improved oral health.

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