What to Eat for Faster Wound Healing?

What to Eat for Faster Wound Healing?

For open wounds, in addition to wound care, it’s essential to have a proper nutritional intake to support cell regeneration and faster healing. So, what should you eat when you have an open wound? Shopdepre will provide the answer to help wounds heal more quickly.

Foods Rich in Vitamin K

Vitamin K plays a crucial role in tissue regeneration and wound healing. Moreover, vitamin K stimulates the production of thrombin, an effective blood-clotting agent, which accelerates the healing process of open wounds. Foods rich in vitamin K include cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, and cabbage.

What to Eat for Faster Wound Healing?

High Vitamin C Foods

In collagen production, tissue bonding, and cell regeneration, vitamin C is indispensable. It helps increase and generate new cells. Wounds tend to heal more slowly when the body lacks vitamin C. Foods high in vitamin C include red bell peppers, oranges, tomatoes, and kiwis.

Foods High in Zinc

Do you know what to eat when you have an open wound? Foods rich in zinc are an essential choice in your diet. Zinc supports enzymes in the body to function better, particularly in wound healing and cell division. Foods like pumpkin seeds, broccoli, various grains, shrimp, and crabs are abundant in zinc.

Iron-Rich Foods

When you have an open wound, your body may suffer from iron deficiency. Iron is crucial for the conversion of proline and lysine in the collagen synthesis process. Therefore, supplementing iron during an open wound helps accelerate healing and prevents wound infections. Green cabbage, lentils, spinach, corn, and peanuts are some iron-rich foods.

Protein-Rich Foods

Protein is considered essential for cell regeneration and wound healing. Therefore, individuals with open wounds should incorporate protein-rich foods into their daily diet to expedite the healing process. Various types of fish, dairy products, such as milk and cheese, are rich in protein.

What to Eat for Faster Wound Healing?

These are the foods that can aid in the recovery of open wounds. Shopdepre has revealed what to eat when you have an open wound. Hopefully, this knowledge will help your wounds heal faster.

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