What Should You Avoid Eating While Breastfeeding for Better Milk Supply?

What Should You Avoid Eating While Breastfeeding for Better Milk Supply?

During breastfeeding, a mother’s diet can have a significant impact on the quality and supply of her breast milk. So, what foods should breastfeeding mothers avoid? Shopdepre will provide you with some answers. Please take note of these foods:

Peppermint Leaves:

Peppermint leaves can decrease milk supply, and frequent consumption should be avoided to maintain an ample milk supply.

What Should You Avoid Eating While Breastfeeding for Better Milk Supply?

Betel Leaves (Lá Lốt):

Betel leaves are commonly used in cooking, but they can rapidly decrease milk production. Therefore, it’s advisable for breastfeeding mothers to avoid dishes containing betel leaves.


While celery is generally healthy, excessive consumption during breastfeeding can lead to a reduction in milk supply.

Strawberry Leaves:

Traditional wisdom suggests that strawberry leaves are used to wean babies off breast milk. To maintain a healthy milk supply, it’s best to stay away from them.


Chocolate contains theobromine, which can affect your baby by causing restlessness or increased crying if consumed in significant amounts during breastfeeding.

Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods can have a negative impact on a newborn’s digestive system. Avoiding excessively spicy foods can help prevent tummy troubles in your baby.

Instant Noodles (Mì Tôm):

Many instant noodles contain wheat, which can reduce milk supply. Even those without wheat can have a similar effect if consumed regularly.

What Should You Avoid Eating While Breastfeeding for Better Milk Supply?

It’s crucial to establish a balanced and suitable diet when breastfeeding to ensure both your health and your baby’s well-being. This article has provided insights into foods to avoid while breastfeeding, helping you maintain the best possible milk quality and supply.

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