What Not to Eat to Improve the Condition of Cough

What Not to Eat to Improve the Condition of Cough

The weather can change unpredictably, and people are prone to respiratory issues. Coughing is a common condition that can affect people of all ages. So, what should you avoid eating when you have a cough to help improve the condition? Shopdepre will reveal the foods you should avoid when you have a cough!


Seafood is a type of food you should avoid when you have a cough. Seafood is rich in protein, which can exacerbate cough symptoms and increase the risk of allergies.

What Not to Eat to Improve the Condition of Cough

Vegetables with High Mucilage Content

Some vegetables are high in mucilage, such as okra, purslane, and sweet potatoes. Mucilage can produce cellulite, leading to increased phlegm production and worsening cough symptoms.

Spicy and Hot Foods

When you have a cough, you should avoid spicy and hot foods as they can cause inflammation in the throat mucous membranes. Some spicy foods like chili, pepper, ginger, and garlic can make your cough worse.

Cold Foods

Cold foods are often best avoided when you have a cough. It’s best not to consume ice cream, cold beverages, or any foods that haven’t been warmed before consumption.

Fatty Foods

When you have a cough, your body’s digestive system may not function at its best. Therefore, it’s advisable to minimize your intake of fatty foods to support digestion. Eating fried, oily, or greasy foods can be detrimental to your health and worsen your cough.

Processed Foods

If you’re wondering what not to eat when you have a cough, it’s a good idea to avoid packaged and processed foods. These foods often lack essential vitamins and nutrients and are not conducive to your overall health.

Coconut and Citrus Fruits

For those with coughs and respiratory conditions like asthma, coconut and citrus fruits may not be suitable. These foods have cooling properties and may contribute to the body’s coldness and lung congestion. Citrus fruits also contain cellulite, which can worsen cough symptoms.

What Not to Eat to Improve the Condition of Cough

In summary, Shopdepre has shared foods to avoid when you have a cough. It’s advisable to steer clear of these foods to help improve your cough condition effectively.

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