What Not to Do When Building a House Gate: Things to Know

What Not to Do When Building a House Gate: Things to Know

The house gate plays a significant role as an essential component of a building, contributing both aesthetic value and feng shui principles to the entire house. Therefore, when constructing a house gate, homeowners need to be aware of certain taboos to avoid bad luck and maintain good feng shui. Here are the things you should be aware of when building a house gate.

Why is building a house gate important?

Directly influencing the feng shui of the entire house, the house gate, despite its relatively small size, holds special significance:

What Not to Do When Building a House Gate: Things to Know

Enhancing Aesthetics:

The house gate is the first feature that draws our attention when looking at a house. Specially designed gates, tailored to the characteristics of each house, aim to increase the sense of elegance and sophistication, reflecting the homeowner’s aesthetic taste.

High Practicality:

Beyond aesthetics, the house gate serves as the first line of security, ensuring sturdiness and imparting a solid, imposing impression. Construction materials for house gates, such as stone, bricks, iron, wood, etc., are chosen based on the architectural style of the house for the most suitable fit.

Feng Shui Harmony:

The main entrance gate is considered the face of a house and occupies a significant position because anyone entering the house must pass through it. The feng shui of the house gate can enhance the homeowner’s luck, fortune, or conversely. Therefore, selecting the right feng shui for the house gate requires special attention.

Taboos to Observe When Building a House Gate:

Constructing a house gate involves durability and is not easily changeable. Hence, careful consideration of the construction timing, location, and orientation of the gate is crucial. Here are the taboos that homeowners should be well aware of to avoid issues during the construction of a house gate:

Avoid placing the gate directly facing the restroom.

Do not align the house gate opposite the bedroom door.

Avoid constructing the gate directly opposite the main entrance door.

Avoid building the house gate directly facing the kitchen.

The gate should not directly face a pathway.

Avoid sharp objects near the gate area.

Avoid placing the gate directly opposite an elevator.

Create an opening around the gate to allow the flow of vital energy.

Avoid water conflict, fire conflict, yin conflict, and feng shui conflict when building the gate.

The gate should not be taller than the house.

Avoid positioning the gate directly facing large trees.

What Not to Do When Building a House Gate: Things to Know

In Conclusion:

We hope that our insights into the taboos when building a house gate will be helpful to homeowners. Constructing the house gate according to feng shui principles can attract prosperity and welcome positive opportunities from the universe.

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