What is Live Streaming? A Guide on How to Live Stream

What is Live Streaming? A Guide on How to Live Stream

Many people want to know what live streaming is and why more and more store owners and individual sellers are choosing this method. In this article by shopdepre, we will provide detailed information on this activity and how to do it correctly to increase interaction with customers.

What is Live Streaming?

Many people are curious about what live streaming is. Live streaming is the act of broadcasting live video on a computer so that anyone with access to your program can watch it. “Live” means reporting exactly what is happening at that moment, including speech, actions, and the surrounding environment.

What is Live Streaming? A Guide on How to Live Stream

Anyone in the world can see it when they access the internet. People can join a live stream to interact directly. The broadcaster can read comments and respond to them live on the stream.

To use this program, you need an application capable of live broadcasting, a camera, an audio input system, and screen capture software. Nowadays, many people enhance their appearance by using lighting systems and effects when they go live to create a favorable and impressive impression on viewers.

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular due to its simplicity and high interaction with anyone interested. You only need a stable internet connection and can broadcast your program using a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Many people choose live streaming to support their work, such as selling products, introducing products, chatting with viewers, or narrating game matches. The income of many streamers is substantial, making this form of direct advertising increasingly popular.

Live streaming is an online activity, and the level of internet connection depends on the multimedia files the user wants to transmit. For example, SD video requires 2MB/s for decent quality, while HD and 4K videos need 5-9 MB/s to be sufficient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Live Streaming

Now that you understand what live streaming is, it’s essential to know the advantages and potential drawbacks to decide whether to use it or not. Here’s what Skysport has to say about it:

Advantages of Live Streaming:

Live streaming reaches a broad audience.
It doesn’t require downloading files or taking up significant storage space on your device.
It’s free for viewers when streamed live.
You can go live at any time that suits you.
Live streaming provides a genuine, engaging presentation of products and services, attracting customers.
Many online sellers use it to showcase their products without needing a physical storefront.
Live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube helps you reach a large audience and potential customers.
Unlike videos and TV commercials that require external services, live streaming is cost-effective and allows creative content creation and scheduling.

What is Live Streaming? A Guide on How to Live Stream

Disadvantages of Live Streaming:

You need high-quality equipment for clear streaming.
Stable internet connectivity is essential to avoid interruptions.
There are potential cybersecurity risks, so viewers should be cautious about clicking on unknown links to avoid malware.

How to Live Stream on Facebook

Many users are choosing to live stream directly on Facebook. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to your personal Facebook profile or ask someone to grant you permission to stream. Then, navigate to the interface and click on “Live Video.”

Step 2: In the live video interface, customize various features, such as selecting the location, setting the content, choosing who can see the video, and selecting your camera and microphone. You can also add a title to your live stream.

Step 3: You can tag friends to join your live stream. When you’re ready to end the broadcast, click on “Finish Live Video.”

Step 4: After ending the stream, you can save the video on your timeline for viewers who missed it or delete it if you prefer.

With the information provided in this article, you now have a clear understanding of what live streaming is and how to do it on your computer. We hope that shopdepre’s information proves useful for your work or studies.

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