What crib is best for a baby’s health?

What crib is best for a baby's health?

The crib is crucial for both the baby’s sleep and overall health. Parents should choose a safe and convenient crib for their baby during the care process. In this article, AVA will provide you with valuable information about what crib is best for a baby’s health.

The importance of the crib for infants:

Some parents believe that choosing a crib for their very young baby is unnecessary, and they can simply co-sleep with the baby. However, the baby’s sleep is extremely important, and they need a designated space of their own to feel comfortable while moving and sleeping more soundly.


Should the baby sleep separately in a crib?

It is recommended for infants to sleep separately in a crib to avoid the potential disturbances caused by parents and to prevent any danger to the baby. The baby will develop a sense of independence and not rely solely on their parents to fall asleep.

Establishing a consistent daily routine for the baby’s sleep schedule is essential. This will allow the baby to move and sleep more comfortably and deeply. It also provides parents with convenience and their own space after a tiring day.

Choosing a crib for the baby:

Parents should select a sturdy and stable crib that doesn’t wobble. When assembling the crib, it should be done accurately to avoid any hazards for the baby. Use a good-quality mattress with a thickness of 8-15 cm that fits snugly inside the crib. Choose a crib size that fits well within the available space and can be easily converted into a sidecar crib attached to the parents’ bed.

The benefits of using a crib for the baby:

Using a crib helps the infant to develop a proper sleep schedule and routine. It also fosters independence in the baby. Parents don’t need to spend excessive time caring for the baby, which allows them to attend to other tasks.

The baby has a safe and separate space to move around when awake. During the night, not being next to the mother means the baby may wake up less frequently for nursing due to not smelling breast milk. This helps the mother to feel more rested, and the baby can enjoy a deeper sleep, which is beneficial for their health.


We hope this article has helped you understand what crib is best for a baby. Choosing the right crib for your child is crucial, and we wish you make the best decisions for your baby’s well-being.

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