Viet Kieu Player – The Future Center-Back of the Vietnam National Team

Viet Kieu Player - The Future Center-Back of the Vietnam National Team

He is the most anticipated newcomer in this training camp under the guidance of coach Park Hang Seo. Viet Kieu center-back Adriano Schmidt promises to bring a fresh breeze to the Vietnam National Team. Adriano Schmidt is a player with German and Vietnamese heritage. Let’s explore the background and career of this Viet Kieu player in the following article with AVA.

Background of the Viet Kieu player

Adriano Schmidt (Vietnamese name: Bui Duc Duy) was born in 1994, standing at 1.85m tall, and carries both Vietnamese and German blood. While active overseas, Adriano Schmidt trained and played for clubs such as VfB Eichstätt, Ingolstadt 04, FC Gerolfing, and Schwabmünchen in Germany.


In 2017, the center-back born in 1994 returned to Vietnam to try out for several teams. The remarkable success of Viet Kieu goalkeeper Dang Van Lam in the Vietnam National Team jersey became a great motivation for Adriano Schmidt to seek opportunities for career development in his homeland.

Career of the Viet Kieu player

In 2017, he returned to Vietnam to try out for the Hai Phong football team, but it wasn’t until the 2018 season that he officially donned the jersey of the Port City team. Later, he moved to Binh Dinh Club at the beginning of this season, creating a strong impression in the V-League 2022.

In 2018, Schmidt played for Hai Phong and joined Binh Dinh for the V-League 2022 season. He appeared in two matches for the Vo Land team this season: a 2-1 victory against Song Lam Nghe An and a 0-2 loss to Viettel.


Opportunities to play in the V-League opened up for Viet Kieu players when they acquired Vietnamese citizenship. Hai Phong immediately included Adriano Schmidt in the domestic player list, while also giving him a starting position to prove himself.

After four seasons wearing the Hai Phong jersey, Adriano Schmidt played a total of 48 matches in the V-League. At the beginning of the 2022 season, Adriano Schmidt joined the wealthy Binh Dinh team before catching the attention of coach Park Hang Seo.

The above are the details about the Viet Kieu player. AVA hopes to provide readers with useful and meaningful information about this handsome center-back.

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