Using Cactus for Treating Bone and Joint Issues

Using Cactus for Treating Bone and Joint Issues

The cactus is a succulent plant with spines and often grows in a bush-like form. It can be used for cooking, as a standalone remedy, or in combination with other herbs. Below, Shopdepre will share with you the secrets of using cactus to treat bone and joint issues.

Remedy for Treating Spine Spurs with Cactus

There are two effective remedies for spine spurs using cactus:

Remedy with three-sided cactus and fish:

Three-sided cactus: 1 young stem
Snakehead fish: 1 fish (~300g)
Salt: 2 tablespoons

Clean the fish with salt to remove the sliminess. Remove the spines from the cactus, wash them thoroughly, and slice them thinly horizontally. Squeeze the cactus a few times with salt to reduce its sap, then rinse it with cold water. Put the fish and cactus in a pot, add a small cup of water, and cook over low heat without adding any seasoning. After 15 minutes, when the fish is cooked, it can be consumed. If not finished, it can be consumed a few times a day, but not left overnight. Use continuously for 5 days to see results.

Using Cactus for Treating Bone and Joint Issues

Remedy with cactus pads:

Cactus pads: 2-3 stems
Salt: 2 tablespoons
Soft and thin cloth

Remove the cactus spines, wash them with salt, and let them dry. Heat the cactus pads and wrap them in a clean cloth. Apply the cloth to the painful area. Use it after a few days; it will help with blood circulation and stimulating blood flow.

Treating Herniated Disc with Cactus

Here are two effective remedies for treating herniated discs using cactus:

Three-sided cactus remedy:

Three-sided cactus: 2-3 stems
Coarse salt: a handful

Remove the cactus spines, wash them, and crush them. Mix the crushed cactus with coarse salt. Heat the mixture in a pan and wrap it in a clean cloth. Apply it to the herniated area. Be cautious with the temperature to avoid burns. Apply continuously for two weeks for effectiveness.

Using Cactus for Treating Bone and Joint Issues

Cactus and herbal remedy:

Cactus pads: 2-3 stems
Artemisia, mugwort, hollyhock: a small amount of each

Remove the cactus spines and wash them with artemisia, mugwort, and hollyhock. Roast the mixture and then warm it up. Apply it directly to the painful area. Continue for 10 days to reduce pain and mild herniation.

Tips for Using Cactus

Cactus is highly effective in remedies. However, to fully benefit, you need a healthy lifestyle.

Incorporate gentle exercises along with cactus remedies, engage in sports such as swimming, yoga, physical therapy, or massage. Include vitamins, minerals, and calcium to strengthen bones and boost immunity. Avoid fast food, organ meats, and processed foods. Refrain from alcohol, stimulants, and tobacco to prevent worsening conditions. Avoid lifting heavy objects and engage in gentle movements. Avoid staying up late, manage stress, and maintain a positive spirit.

Using Cactus for Treating Bone and Joint Issues

Considerations when Using Cactus

Using cactus-based remedies is suitable for mild conditions and varies depending on individual circumstances. In severe cases or complications, it’s advisable to seek medical assistance.

Avoid casual usage without understanding the conditions and effects of each type of cactus. Many types of cacti contain toxins that can seriously affect health.

When combining cactus with massage, remember not to perform intense massage motions, as the patient’s bones might be weak. Opt for gentle and relaxing massage techniques.

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