Understanding whether to wear underwear regularly or not and the correct way to do so

Understanding whether to wear underwear regularly or not and the correct way to do so

Underwear is an essential personal item for any woman. The question of whether to wear underwear regularly or not is a topic that many people are concerned about, especially due to the potential risks and vaginal health hazards associated with wearing underwear incorrectly. In the following article, AVA will share detailed information on this matter.

Exploring the question: Should you wear underwear regularly or not?

Wearing underwear 24/24 is unnecessary for women, according to experts and statistical data, and there are several benefits to not wearing underwear for a period of time, such as:


Preventing various vaginal conditions: According to experts, wearing underwear regularly can lead to moisture and mold, creating an environment conducive to bacterial invasion and disease.

Reducing chafing and irritation: Wearing underwear constantly can cause friction and darkening in the intimate area. Especially if you use tight underwear made of rigid fabric, it may lead to abrasions and aesthetic issues.

Improving blood circulation: Not wearing underwear while sleeping, resting, and relaxing can help the body recover better, promote better sleep, and improve blood circulation.

How to wear underwear properly?

Wearing underwear constantly throughout the day is not advisable. To use underwear correctly, follow these guidelines:

Choose underwear made of good materials that allow for good elasticity and are made of sweat-absorbent cotton. Select a size that fits your body well.

Change sanitary pads regularly during menstruation, using pads that have good absorbency and are comfortable.

Change and wash your underwear frequently, as the intimate area contains many bacteria. It is recommended to change and wash underwear at least once a day.

Avoid wearing damp underwear, as this creates favorable conditions for bacteria to thrive. Also, avoid overusing sanitary pads daily.

Ideally, you should wear underwear for no more than 20 hours a day to prevent vaginal health issues. Wearing underwear for excessively long periods can lead to a humid and non-ventilated intimate area.


These are the complete answers to the question of whether you should wear underwear regularly or not. You should consider choosing good-quality underwear and avoid wearing it for extended periods. Improper use of underwear can lead to various health conditions. Allow your intimate area to stay breathable and protected against external agents.

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