Understanding the Harmfulness of Premature Ejaculation Spray and What to Consider?

Understanding the Harmfulness of Premature Ejaculation Spray and What to Consider?

If you’re experiencing symptoms of premature ejaculation and have been advised to use premature ejaculation sprays, you might be concerned about their potential harm and any precautions to take when using them. Let’s explore the following information to find the best answers for you.

What are the characteristics of premature ejaculation sprays?

Premature ejaculation sprays are a type of medication used by men who suffer from premature ejaculation. These sprays are easy to use and are applied to the head of the penis about 10 minutes before sexual intercourse to improve the duration of sexual activity.


Due to their ease of use, quick effectiveness, and convenience, these products have become popular choices for men to demonstrate their masculinity in the bedroom. The main ingredients in these sprays are Lidocaine and Benzocaine, which are commonly used in the medical field. They are combined with other excipients to enhance the efficacy of the spray.

Some well-known premature ejaculation spray brands include Stud 100, Premjact, JO Prolonger, Power, Procomil, and Pjur superhero. These products are widely available on the market and are used by many people.

Answer: Is premature ejaculation spray harmful?

Consumers nowadays have many questions and concerns regarding this product. The question of whether premature ejaculation sprays are harmful or not is raised by both men and women before making a choice.

In reality, most premature ejaculation sprays are produced according to standards and are essentially a type of numbing medication, with their main component being a local anesthetic. The level of numbing effect is lower compared to surgical anesthetics, approximately 100 times less. Therefore, in essence, these sprays are still being used in the medical field, which can provide users with some reassurance.

Although the active ingredients of premature ejaculation sprays are derived from medical applications, it cannot be denied that their drawback is the loss of sensation. This loss of sensation primarily affects the vagina of women during contact with the numbed penis, necessitating the use of condoms to enhance the experience.


It has been proven that after several uses of premature ejaculation sprays, the penis gradually loses sensation, making self-stimulation and the maintenance of erection difficult to achieve. The numbing effect of the spray gradually weakens the natural strength of the penis, leading to a disruption of sensation. Increasing the dosage may be required to achieve the desired effect.

Therefore, the above information provides an answer to the question of whether premature ejaculation sprays are harmful. It is recommended that men focus on improving their condition through dietary changes, exercise, and consultation with a doctor for better improvement.

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