Understanding Kickboxing: What Sets Kickboxing Apart from Boxing?

Understanding Kickboxing: What Sets Kickboxing Apart from Boxing?

Kickboxing is a sport that is increasingly attracting people of all ages, from women to children, due to its promotion of strength, flexibility, and agility among its practitioners. So, what exactly is the difference between Kickboxing and traditional boxing? To gain a clear understanding of this distinction, let’s delve into the details in the following article.

Exploring the Differences Between Kickboxing and Boxing

While most are familiar with the sport of boxing, the term “Kickboxing” might be relatively unfamiliar to some. To discern the differences between Kickboxing and boxing, consider the following factors:

Understanding Kickboxing: What Sets Kickboxing Apart from Boxing?

Kickboxing Discipline

Kickboxing allows participants to attack using both their hands and feet, incorporating a combination of strikes from both. It also employs various techniques for self-defense. Participants can even strike their opponents with their elbows and knees. This sport combines elements of both karate and boxing, resulting in a visually engaging and dynamic discipline.

In Kickboxing, fighters can utilize both their hands and feet to strike their opponents, swiftly incapacitating them. Fighters are allowed to target any part of their opponent’s body for victory. Each round in a Kickboxing match typically lasts about 2 minutes.

Boxing Discipline

Boxing is a sport played at both professional and amateur levels. This physically demanding sport requires endurance, and those who are averse to violence might find it challenging to watch. In a boxing match, fighters use punches to defeat their opponents or gain victory based on accumulated points.

In boxing, participants are restricted to using only their hands for throwing punches, and hitting below the waistline is strictly prohibited. Each round in a boxing match usually lasts around 3 minutes.

Understanding Kickboxing: What Sets Kickboxing Apart from Boxing?


It is hoped that the information presented in this article clarifies the distinction between Kickboxing and traditional boxing. If you’re intrigued by this captivating sport and wish to cultivate a stronger physique, consider trying your hand at this engaging martial art.

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