Treating Bloating and Indigestion with Massage – Acupressure Method

Treating Bloating and Indigestion with Massage - Acupressure Method

Bloating and indigestion are common issues resulting from digestive disorders and unhealthy eating habits. When facing such situations, you can resort to medication or utilize massage and acupressure techniques to aid in treatment and enhance digestion. Let’s delve into the massage and acupressure method for relieving bloating and indigestion with shopdepre!

Acupressure for Stomach Points

To optimize the massage for stomach points, sit with your legs crossed or lie down with slightly elevated feet.

Treating Bloating and Indigestion with Massage - Acupressure Method

Massage Technique

Begin by massaging the Lower Stomach acupressure point using one hand to grasp and the other hand to apply additional pressure. Perform gentle clockwise strokes on the lower abdominal area (Lower Stomach) for 10-20 times, then repeat in the opposite direction.

Similarly, massage the Middle Stomach (midsection of the stomach) in the same manner as the Lower Stomach.

For Upper Stomach massage, use one hand to press on the chest while applying pressure with the other hand. Perform circular motions on the chest area for 10-20 times clockwise and then repeat in the opposite direction.

Massage the side of the ribs by gently stroking from the lower rib to the upper rib bone on both sides, about 10 strokes each. This technique is beneficial for the liver and gallbladder.

Perform abdominal massage by using both hands to gently stroke 5-10 times from the Lower Stomach and Middle Stomach to Upper Stomach. This motion promotes abdominal muscle health and regulates abdominal blood circulation.

This self-massage routine should be performed regularly and consistently every day, once in the early morning and once before bedtime.

Treating Bloating and Indigestion with Massage - Acupressure Method

Acupressure Points Stimulation: Công tôn, Thái xung, Túc tam lý, Tam âm giao, and Hợp cốc.

Stimulation Technique: Cross your legs to access the acupressure points. Use your thumb to stimulate Công tôn and your index finger to stimulate Thái xung. Apply gradually increasing pressure until you feel a sense of tension (Qi sensation). Maintain this state for 10 seconds before gradually releasing. After 1 minute, move on to stimulate Túc tam lý, Tam âm giao, and Hợp cốc. Follow the same method, time, and pressure as with Công tôn.

Identifying Acupressure Points

Túc tam lý: Located on the outer side of the knee, about 3 fingers below the kneecap.
Công tôn: Situated in the middle of the inner foot, between the big toe mound and the arch of the foot.
Hợp cốc: Found in the depression between the thumb and index finger.
Thái xung: Positioned between the base of the big toe and the second toe.

Dietary Considerations

Bloating and indigestion can result from an improper diet that includes excessive consumption of fats (fried foods, fatty meats) or high-protein foods (meat, fish, eggs). Both fats and proteins tend to hinder the body’s ability to process and eliminate waste materials. Thus, limiting the intake of these foods is advisable. Additionally, increasing consumption of high-fiber foods (found in vegetables and fruits) supports digestion and bowel movement.

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