Tips to Awaken the Brain and Eliminate Lethargy

Tips to Awaken the Brain and Eliminate Lethargy

You often treat yourself to a cup of coffee or an energy drink whenever you feel tired or lacking alertness. However, do you know there are simple tricks that can help restore your energy without resorting to stimulants? Let’s follow this article as shopdepre shares about the tips to awaken the brain and eliminate lethargy, helping you reduce fatigue and feel more spirited!

Earlobe Massage

This technique has been employed by ancient monks to dispel drowsiness during meditation. They would often massage and gently rub their earlobes whenever they felt sleepy. The ears and earlobes contain numerous acupoints and nerve connections linked to the brain. Thus, by stimulating them, your brain will be awakened.

Tips to Awaken the Brain and Eliminate Lethargy

Bite a Piece of Lemon

When feeling groggy, you can bite into a fresh lemon slice. The sour taste and essential oils in lemon will quickly help you feel refreshed.

Studies have shown that consuming sour foods sends signals to the brain, causing facial expressions to tighten and limbs to move actively, thus stimulating wakefulness in the brain.

Wash Your Face with Cold Water

Washing your face with cold water for 30 seconds and pairing it with a glass of cold lemon water can provide a refreshing and alert sensation. Cold water stimulates the skin and facial nerves, preventing you from feeling drowsy.

Tips to Awaken the Brain and Eliminate Lethargy


Commonly considered a sign of fatigue, sleepiness, or boredom, yawning actually has the potential to make you more alert, as suggested by a study from Princeton University. Yawning cools down the brain by exchanging heat with the cool air from the environment, enhancing wakefulness.

Tips to Awaken the Brain and Eliminate Lethargy

This method is more effective in winter; during summer, it might be less effective or even have a reverse effect if the outdoor temperature exceeds your body temperature.

Chewing Gum with Mint Flavor

Chewing gum with a minty flavor can help stimulate your brain, although the effects are temporary. The act of chewing requires jaw movement and engages facial muscles, contributing to mental alertness.

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