Tips for Using Essential Oils Safely for Newborns

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Essential oils have been studied for their benefits for newborns. Therefore, let’s explore how to use and the types of essential oils with AVASHOP!

Massage with Essential Oils

First, dilute 1-2 drops of essential oil with a carrier oil and warm the oil before massaging.
Gently massage from the feet and gradually move upwards.

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When reaching the chest and abdomen area, lightly tap in small circles using the fingertips.

Bathing with Diluted Essential Oils

Before bathing the baby, add a few drops of essential oil to warm water in the bathtub. Then, gently place the baby in the water, massage, and finally, clean the baby thoroughly.

Using an Essential Oil Diffuser

Natural essential oils are known to clean the air and provide a healthy respiratory environment for babies. Before using any essential oil for the baby, parents should check the baby’s reaction within 15-30 minutes to determine if the baby is allergic to any specific oil. Another important note is to only diffuse one type of oil at a time and avoid using too many oils in the diffuser.

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Some Safe Essential Oils for Babies

4.1 Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil has a gentle fragrance. Simply dilute and use it for regular massages to help relax the baby’s body and improve their mood.

4.2 Lavender Essential Oil

This type of essential oil is known to effectively relieve nasal congestion in children. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath or use it in a diffuser.

4.3 Peppermint Essential Oil

According to a study conducted in 2016, peppermint essential oil effectively helps reduce abdominal pain in babies.

4.4 Chamomile Essential Oil

When added to the bath or used in a diffuser, chamomile essential oil provides a gentle and pleasant scent.

4.5 Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil has two typical types: cajeput and melaleuca. Cajeput oil is considered very safe and most suitable for newborns, assisting in the treatment of colds, bronchitis, cough, and wheezing.

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Compared to cajeput oil, melaleuca oil has more diverse benefits. In addition to preventing colds, it also possesses antibacterial, antiseptic properties, treats skin conditions, and strengthens the immune system.

Furthermore, there are other types of essential oils that you can consider using for newborns, such as grapefruit, turmeric, marjoram, sweet orange peel, etc.

AVASHOP has shared useful information on how to use essential oils for newborns.

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