Tips for Going to the Spa and Using a Massage Chair for Pregnant Women

Tips for Going to the Spa and Using a Massage Chair for Pregnant Women

Going for a spa massage or using a full-body massage chair at home doesn’t affect the pregnancy process for expectant mothers, but there are some things to keep in mind for safety and effectiveness. Let’s explore some tips for going to the spa and using a massage chair for pregnant women with Shopdepre!

Keeping the Body Cool

Medical studies have shown that immersing oneself in hot water for 10 minutes during the first 4-6 weeks of pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage for pregnant women. When the skin is heated, blood vessels dilate, drawing a certain amount of blood away from the fetus, leading to the risk of preterm birth.

Tips for Going to the Spa and Using a Massage Chair for Pregnant Women

Studies also indicate that body temperature can rise when engaging in high-intensity exercise, reaching up to 38 degrees Celsius. However, soaking in hot water or applying hot mud packs can raise the temperature to 39 degrees Celsius or higher.

Therefore, when going to a spa for healthcare, pregnant women should avoid hot baths or hot mud packs.

Massage Positions

Massage is a wonderful method for pregnant women to alleviate aches and pains during pregnancy. You can massage the upper part of the abdomen to help the body feel less tired and more comfortable. However, from the fifth month onwards, when the baby’s weight is substantial, pregnant women should avoid lying flat for a massage because it may lower blood pressure and make the body feel more fatigued due to the weight of the baby and the uterus pressing on the vena cava.

Tips for Going to the Spa and Using a Massage Chair for Pregnant Women

Avoiding Skin Damage

During pregnancy, a woman’s skin becomes very sensitive. Therefore, you should skip steps involving exfoliation to avoid irritating the skin. Additionally, facial skincare should be done gently to avoid any negative effects.

Using a Massage Chair

In the later months of pregnancy, as the size and weight of the fetus increase, the belly also becomes larger. It can be inconvenient to travel to massage centers. Pregnant women can use healthcare massage services at home from larger centers, or even simpler, invest in a full-body massage chair.

Tips for Going to the Spa and Using a Massage Chair for Pregnant Women

Modern full-body massage chairs are equipped with separate rolling systems for the legs, helping pregnant women minimize leg swelling due to the weight of the fetus pushing down.

Moreover, massage with a chair helps increase endorphins, oxytocin, and other hormones, improving mood, reducing stress and tension – common issues during pregnancy.

In addition, you should note that you should only choose gentle and appropriate massage techniques when using massage therapy and a full-body massage chair. It’s essential to consult with a doctor to determine which type of massage chair and massage techniques are suitable. Especially, you should not sit in the massage chair for more than 30 minutes at a time at home and should use it only 1-2 times per day.

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