Things to Know About Foot Massage for Cough Relief

Things to Know About Foot Massage for Cough Relief

Applying hot oil to the feet is a common trick that many people use to sleep better. Additionally, many people apply various types of ointments under their feet to alleviate coughing. Does this method effectively reduce coughing, especially in children? In this article, follow along as Shopdepre shares with you what you need to know about foot massage for cough relief!

Cough Relief Foot Massage with Western Medicine

The method of treating cough by rubbing hot oil or applying ointment under the feet is not a new idea. While it hasn’t been scientifically verified, it’s still recognized as an effective method for treating cough in many places.

This method may be effective for some individuals by reducing stress. When stress decreases, uncomfortable coughing fits may gradually subside. It’s not advisable to apply this method if the cough persists. Instead, seek medical attention for examination and treatment.

Things to Know About Foot Massage for Cough Relief

If you experience a cough accompanied by symptoms such as continuous coughing for a few days along with a fever, wet and productive cough, frequent coughing that hinders sleep, difficulty breathing, coughing with difficulty swallowing, etc., you should visit a hospital for more specific diagnosis and treatment.

Foot Massage for Cough Relief with Traditional Medicine

In Eastern medicine, foot massage is beneficial not only for the feet but also for relaxation and stress relief. It positively supports various functions of different body parts and enhances desire for sleep. Foot massage is recommended to be performed regularly and consistently for 15 minutes each day before bedtime.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the soles of the feet contain numerous nerve fibers and meridians connected to various organs. Therefore, correct acupressure during massage can alleviate headaches, improve blood circulation, and heal foot injuries.

Things to Know About Foot Massage for Cough Relief

Combining the use of hot oil, foot warming, pain-relieving medications, etc., enhances effectiveness. Moreover, keeping the head cool and feet warm is also a way to treat imbalanced energy and effectively prevent persistent coughing fits.

However, foot massage and acupressure combined with medications, herbs, hot oil, etc., are effective only for coughs caused by colds. This method doesn’t apply to all types of cough or all individuals.

For chronic coughs caused by underlying conditions (tuberculosis, pneumonia, persistent cough without improvement), it’s advisable to visit a hospital for specific diagnosis and treatment. This method should not be applied for cough relief in children under 1 year old.

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