Shoulder and Neck Massage Technique for Quick Relief from Dizziness

Shoulder and Neck Massage Technique for Quick Relief from Dizziness

Dizziness is a symptom that anyone can experience at different times, affecting work and daily life. So, let Shopdepre share with you the Shoulder and Neck Massage Technique to help you reduce dizziness!

Understanding Dizziness

According to health experts, dizziness is a condition of imbalance and vertigo, often accompanied by nausea and headaches.

Shoulder and Neck Massage Technique for Quick Relief from Dizziness

There are many causes of dizziness, such as frequent sleep disturbances, imbalanced eating habits, work-related stress, excessive use of computers and phones, and more.

To alleviate this condition, avoid sudden changes in posture; limit TV, computer, and phone use; stand up and move around after using these devices for an hour; avoid engaging in activities that can cause imbalance (especially for pregnant women, individuals with high blood pressure or diabetes); reduce alcohol, beer, and stimulant consumption. Additionally, you can apply massage techniques to alleviate dizziness symptoms.

Reducing Dizziness through Shoulder and Neck Massage

Massage is an effective and safe healthcare method that helps reduce stress, fatigue, enhances blood circulation, and promotes nutrient exchange under the skin. Particularly with the shoulder and neck massage technique, you will quickly feel comfortable, minimize dizziness, and improve blood circulation to the brain.

Shoulder and Neck Massage Technique for Quick Relief from Dizziness


Tilt your head back and use your palms and fingers to knead the muscles on both sides of your neck. Keep your hands on your neck, slowly bend your head forward, hold the tension in your neck for 10 seconds, then return to an upright position.

Use both hands to gently rub up and down the back of your neck to warm up the area. Next, use your fingers to gently rub in circular motions around the neck area, being careful not to press hard on the spine.

Place your left palm on your right shoulder, grip tightly, and slowly rotate the shoulder to the right. Then place your right hand on your left shoulder and repeat the same motion.

Shoulder and Neck Massage Technique for Quick Relief from Dizziness

Make a fist with your fingers, then gently punch your left hand into your right shoulder to stimulate better blood circulation. You can also raise your left hand to the same level as your right hand and repeat the action several times to avoid fatigue. Then, do the same with the other hand.

Use both hands to gently stroke the upper chest area from the inside to the outside with moderate pressure, starting from the middle of the ribcage and moving outward.

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