Should you shave facial hair and important things to consider?

Should you shave facial hair and important things to consider?

Shaving facial hair is not only a habit for men but also a skincare step that can help women achieve a better makeup look. But should you shave facial hair? Does this beauty routine have any impact on your skin? Many women believe that their face looks brighter after shaving. However, does this method truly deliver beauty benefits in the long run?

Benefits of facial hair shaving:

Shaving facial hair helps remove dead skin cells, making your skin smoother and brighter. This allows the skin to better absorb nutrients from skincare products.


Moreover, shaving can remove dirt and excess sebum trapped in the pores, leaving your skin smoother. Regular facial hair shaving also supports anti-aging efforts by stimulating collagen production, cell regeneration, and reducing wrinkles.

Hazards of facial hair shaving:

For sensitive facial skin, regular shaving may cause erosion as it removes the protective layer of the epidermis. In case of extremely sensitive skin, this condition may worsen, leading to irritation, itchiness, pimples, and redness. Frequent shaving can also lead to faster hair growth and thicker, darker hair due to some hair strands remaining hidden beneath the skin.

During shaving, if not careful, it is possible to cause damage and scratches to the skin, resulting in dark spots, scars, and increasing the risk of skin infection. The main drawback of facial hair shaving is that once you start, you will have to maintain it regularly.

Important considerations when shaving facial hair:

Although facial hair shaving is a simple procedure, you need to ensure the following conditions to avoid any impact on your skin:

Use the same razor blade for a maximum of three shavings and clean it before each use.

Use specialized facial hair shaving razors.

It’s best to wait at least an hour after shaving before applying moisturizers and sunscreen to reduce skin irritation.

After shaving facial hair, use an antibacterial face cleanser to keep the skin clean.


These are some useful information that AVA wants to share with you to help answer the question of whether you should shave facial hair or not. We hope this article will assist you in effectively caring for your facial skin and achieving a bright complexion.

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