Should You Pick Up God of Wealth Statues? Is It Good?

Should You Pick Up God of Wealth Statues? Is It Good?

The God of Wealth is a deity believed to bring prosperity and good luck to households, protecting them from evil spirits and attracting wealth. Therefore, it is common for every household to have a shrine dedicated to the God of Wealth, which is seen in temples, shrines, and even in families and shops.

Worshipping the God of Wealth is believed to bring blessings, good fortune, and abundance to the household. For businesses and entrepreneurs, having a shrine dedicated to the God of Wealth is a way to seek prosperity and success.


The question of whether you should pick up God of Wealth statues found outside on the streets or elsewhere has two different perspectives.

You Should Bring the God of Wealth Statues Home:

Some people believe that picking up a God of Wealth statue and bringing it home for worship is a lucky sign. By doing so, they show great respect to the deity, and in return, the God of Wealth will bless them with abundance and prosperity. They believe that by taking the deity home, they are rescuing it from being neglected by its previous owners. To ensure good luck, they clean the statue thoroughly and offer regular prayers.

You Should Not Bring the God of Wealth Statues Home:

On the other hand, some people think that picking up the God of Wealth statues found outside and bringing them home might not be a fortunate act. They believe that the statues might carry energies or spirits, and without knowing their origins, it is best not to bring them home. Some God of Wealth statues might have been left behind in stores or old homes, indicating that they serve as protectors for the previous owners. Taking such statues home could invite bad luck or negative energies into one’s life.


In conclusion, picking up God of Wealth statues can potentially bring luck and blessings to you, but it may also hold unforeseen consequences. Whether you should bring the deity home for worship or not depends on your personal beliefs and perspectives. Always consider the spiritual and cultural significance of such practices and make a decision that aligns with your values and beliefs.

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