Should You Opt for Online Savings and Is It Truly Safe?

Should You Opt for Online Savings and Is It Truly Safe?

Currently, the boom of internet technology has significantly improved the efficiency of banking transactions. Recognizing this trend, Vietnamese banks have introduced online savings services. But to gain a better understanding of whether you should opt for online savings and if it is truly safe, refer to this article to make an informed decision based on your financial situation.

What is Online Savings?

Online savings is a modern form of accumulation with various outstanding conveniences. In essence, it is the online version of traditional bank savings, conducted through internet connectivity.


With online savings, you don’t need to visit a physical bank branch. Instead, all you need is a phone or computer to open a savings account, make deposits, track interest rates, or withdraw funds at your convenience.

Besides serving as a means to accumulate funds, online savings is also a safe, fast, and convenient investment option. Moreover, it provides a solution to eliminate concerns about losing the savings passbook since it offers electronic statements, enabling account owners to have better control over their financial situation.

Benefits of Online Savings:

Though online savings doesn’t require physical paperwork to ensure security, it preserves all customer benefits, advantages, and security policies. The benefits of online savings include:

Ease and convenience in opening an online savings account, saving time and effort.

Full control over transactions, such as early withdrawal of interest or account termination.

No need to physically visit a bank; internet access allows easy and swift management of funds.

Quick updates on interest rates.

Risks Associated with Online Savings:

Despite the numerous advantages of online savings, this service does have some significant limitations:

The most significant risk is the potential loss of funds through hacking if the bank’s security measures are inadequate.

There is a risk from the customer’s end, such as revealing login information or forgetting to log out after completing transactions.


Although online savings carries some risks, they are minimal and relatively rare. Conversely, the benefits of online savings cater to the demands of customers in this digital age. AVA recommends that you consider experiencing online savings, as it offers notable advantages while still ensuring safety.

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