Should You Choose a Handheld or Countertop Blender?

Should You Choose a Handheld or Countertop Blender?

Currently, with the need to supplement nutrition from fruits, a blender is an indispensable appliance in every household kitchen. However, many families are still unsure whether to choose a handheld blender or a countertop one.

Should You Choose a Handheld or Countertop Blender?

To make it easier for users to decide, the Blog has compiled some information to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding and additional insights on choosing a blender for yourself.

Understanding Handheld Blenders

Handheld blenders are designed as long, slender cylinders, making it easy for users to hold and operate with one hand.

Conveniently, they feature buttons on the body of the blender, offering versatile use as you can blend food in various containers such as bowls, cups, or pots. Some handheld blenders can also whisk eggs and grind dry ingredients. However, the standout feature of handheld blenders is their ability to blend hot foods, soups, and baby porridge.

How About Countertop Blenders?

Countertop blenders were introduced earlier and are more popular due to their widespread use. While they may not be as convenient, they are powerful. These blenders are placed on a countertop when in use and usually come with a large and a small container to meet the needs of blending fruits, vegetables, and dry grains.

Countertop blenders are more versatile and offer more options when it comes to usage. However, cleaning them can be more time-consuming compared to handheld blenders.

A Few Comparisons

Here are some comparisons between handheld and countertop blenders for a clearer picture:

Criteria Handheld Blender Countertop Blender
Power 550 – 700 W 300 – 900 W
Blender Jar Material Plastic Plastic, glass
Crushes Ice Cubes Some models Yes (some models)
Grinds Meat and Small Fish Bones Some models Yes (some models)
Whisks Eggs Yes No
Blends Hot Foods Like Porridge and Soup Yes (models with metal shaft) No, as it can damage the rubber seals and crack the blender jar
Space Usage and Storage Compact and portable; does not take up much space; can be used for a small amount of food and blended in a cup or bowl Space-saving but bulkier than handheld blenders; can blend larger quantities at once; easy to operate and clean
Food Quality After Blending Smoother and finer texture compared to countertop blenders in the same price range Less smooth compared to handheld blenders in the same price range
Ease of Cleaning and Assembly Easy to clean due to fewer parts; blade assembly can be detached and washed More components to clean; assembly may take slightly longer
Price Range 750,000 – 2.4 million VND 300,000 – 3 million VND

Choosing Between a Handheld and Countertop Blender

Handheld blenders are suitable for families looking for smoother and higher-quality food blending results, versatility, and diverse needs such as egg whisking or ice cream making. Families with young children who need to blend porridge or those who travel frequently may also prefer handheld blenders.

Countertop blenders are more cost-effective and can blend larger quantities of fruits at once. They are suitable for various user groups, including singles, students living in dorms, and people who want a more hands-free blending experience.

In conclusion, your choice between a handheld and countertop blender largely depends on your needs and budget, as each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We wish you a well-informed decision-making process!

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