Should you buy an air purifier for family use?

Should you buy an air purifier for family use?

We all notice that the air is becoming increasingly polluted, particularly harmful to people’s health. Therefore, air purifiers are becoming more common for households. In the following article, AVA will advise you on whether you should buy an air purifier or not.

What is an air purifier?

Currently, air purifiers are widely used in households. They are appliances with the ability to filter out dust and environmental pollutants present in the air. Additionally, these types of air purifiers provide clean air, eliminating unpleasant odors such as mold and paint smells.


How do air purifiers work?

Most air purifiers operate based on the principle of emitting negative ions into the air. These negative ions have the ability to neutralize harmful positive ions, creating an ion wind effect that draws air from outside into the machine and then pushes it through the filter.

The negative ions attract and capture harmful pollutants such as dust, mold spores, or cigarette smoke present in the air. The machine then proceeds to move the purified air through the filters, where all mold, dust, and bacteria are retained, and the clean air is blown back into the room.

Should you use an air purifier?

Besides the function of removing harmful elements from the air, air purifiers also offer many other fantastic benefits that are hard to overlook. Let’s take a look at the advantages an air purifier brings to answer whether you should buy one for your family.

Devices with HEPA filters can handle up to 99.97% of dust and bacteria, effectively reducing factors that cause asthma. Air purifiers help eliminate odors from sweat, food, and dust.

Additionally, air purifiers reduce static electricity on the skin and effectively filter out asbestos particles that cause mesothelioma. They also reduce allergens from pet fur, pollen, and mold.


Especially, air purifiers also have the function of moisturizing the skin and hair through air humidification technology. These machines are also equipped with highly effective mosquito-catching capabilities. Therefore, air purifiers are very beneficial for children, elderly people, and pregnant women.

We hope the information above has provided you with an answer to whether you should buy an air purifier for family use. With its numerous wonderful functions, an air purifier is indeed a household device that every family should possess to safeguard their health better.

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