Should you apply car paint protection film or not? The pros and cons of using car paint protection film.

Should you apply car paint protection film or not? The pros and cons of using car paint protection film.

The decision of applying car paint protection film is a common concern for many car owners, especially those who want to maintain the original appearance of their vehicles. To accurately answer this question and help you make the best choice, AVA will share some useful information below.


Pros and Cons of Car Paint Protection Film:

To determine whether you should apply car paint protection film or not, you need to consider the benefits and limitations of this practice, specifically:


Protects the car’s paint: Car paint protection film can safeguard the inner layer of paint from minor collisions during movement, affecting only the outer layer of the film.

Affordable cost: Compared to other options like nano-coating, applying car paint protection film is more budget-friendly, usually costing around 150,000 VND per application.

Easy to decorate: You can further customize the appearance by adding decals or logos on top of the paint protection film, based on your preferences.


Reduced glossiness: Regardless of the thickness, the paint protection film may diminish the initial shiny appearance of the car. Over time, the film’s matte effect may become more prominent.

Need for replacement: After some time, the film may tear or develop white spots, impacting its aesthetics. Usually, you should consider replacing the film once a year.

Limited scratch resistance: While it works well against minor collisions, the paint protection film may not provide sufficient protection against severe impacts.

Should you apply car paint protection film to motorcycles or not?

With the information about the pros and cons above, you can weigh the option of applying car paint protection film to motorcycles. While it may not offer the highest level of protection, it can still shield your motorcycle from minor scratches and light collisions, especially in densely populated cities where motorcycles are often parked in public areas.


In conclusion, based on the provided insights, you can choose the appropriate approach when contemplating whether to apply car paint protection film or not. Applying the film can safeguard the paint of your vehicle, particularly in public parking areas.

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