Should one engage in premarital relations?

Should one engage in premarital relations?

Sexual intimacy plays a vital role in a marriage. Pre-marital sexual relations have been a long-standing topic of debate, and whether one should engage in them remains a question frequently asked. Let’s explore this issue with AVA through the article below to understand the pros and cons of premarital relations.

The “gains” of engaging in premarital relations:

Engaging in sexual relations before marriage is not necessarily condemned. When both parties are mentally prepared, practice proper contraception, and take preventive measures against sexually transmitted diseases, it can be acceptable.


Mutually consensual and voluntary sexual relations can have certain health benefits, such as pain relief, immune system improvement, blood pressure regulation, prostate cancer prevention in males, and better sleep.

The “losses” of engaging in premarital relations:

Pre-marital relations, though common among the younger generation, can lead to consequences and significant impacts on both relationships and personal health. Specifically:

Risk of losing a good friend: Engaging in pre-marital relations beyond acceptable limits can lead to awkwardness and discomfort between both parties.

Difficulty in understanding the true nature of the relationship: For example, differing life perspectives may hinder the harmony and sustainability of the relationship in the future. Engaging in premarital relations can create a false sense of intimacy, overlooking genuine emotions and happiness.

Loss of control: Engaging in premarital relations without certainty of receiving commitment through marriage can lead to imbalance and uncertainty in the future.

Relationship vulnerability: One may avoid getting emotionally entangled in physical desires, as such attraction tends to be temporary. True love should be based on genuine emotions and come from the heart, not merely from physical relationships, for lasting commitment.

Increased risk of divorce: While intimacy is essential in a marriage, many who engage in premarital relations may feel disillusioned and troubled after marriage, as marriage involves more than just sexual intimacy—it requires financial compatibility and child-rearing.

Possibility of unwanted pregnancy: The only way to be 100% sure of avoiding pregnancy when one is not ready for parenthood is to abstain from premarital sexual relations. Being financially and mentally prepared for parenthood is preferable to facing uncertainty and challenges if an unintended pregnancy occurs.

Risk of being secretly recorded: To avoid being caught in embarrassing and humiliating situations, one should set clear boundaries in premarital relations. It is crucial not to send compromising images or videos to a partner.


In conclusion, premarital relations often carry more risks than benefits. The information shared above is AVA’s response to the question of whether one should engage in premarital relations. It is hoped that this insight will help you make the most appropriate decision before embarking on a life together with your partner.

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