Should girls study tourism and travel management?

Should girls study tourism and travel management?

In recent years, tourism in our country has been invested in and developed significantly. Therefore, it is also one of the “hot” industries that many young people are interested in, with tourism and travel management being among the Top 5 most attractive fields in the Tourism-Hotel-Restaurant sector today. So, should girls study tourism and travel management? Let’s explore the following information with AVA to find the answer.


Advantages of the field:

Tourism and travel management is a field that offers many outstanding advantages:

Exciting curriculum: Apart from studying common subjects like other majors, students in tourism and travel management are enthusiastic about specialized subjects, providing them with interesting experiences during practical training.

Diverse job opportunities: After graduating from tourism and travel management, students can apply for various job positions, such as:

International or domestic tour guides
Tour design and operation staff in travel companies
Customer care staff
Specialists in tourism departments at local and international levels
Staff responsible for accommodation and marketing
Teaching tourism in educational institutions, etc.
Disadvantages of the field:
Despite the mentioned advantages, tourism and travel management also have some drawbacks:

Clear career path:

The most evident career path for students studying tourism and travel management is becoming a tour guide. However, this job requires good health, the ability to handle high work pressure, and the ability to work continuously for several days to serve tourists. Therefore, tour guides often have limited time for their families, irregular eating and sleeping patterns, and a high turnover rate.


You should not be hesitant about whether girls should study tourism and travel management. Girls can absolutely study this field. They will have many opportunities to maximize their strengths in this dynamic profession. Hopefully, this article serves as a useful reference to help you choose a suitable major for yourself.

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