Should girls study business administration? Suitable fields for women?

Should girls study business administration? Suitable fields for women?

Gender cannot determine the choice of academic majors. It is difficult to apply gender-based criteria to decide which major is suitable for girls and which is suitable for boys. Each person has different personalities, and the choice of major depends on various factors, including personality traits. The question of whether girls should study business administration will be addressed more specifically by AVA in the following article.


Suitable careers after studying business administration:

When it comes to careers in business administration, people often think of macro-level jobs. Therefore, some may believe that this field is more suitable for men, and fewer women can handle it. However, reality has shown that many women excel in managing businesses and industries.

Fields that might be suitable for female students studying business administration are:

Human Resources Management: Female students, often more emotionally intuitive, can quickly understand individuals’ attitudes. This skill can be valuable in identifying new talents for a company.

Law: The legal field demands persistence, logical thinking, and good debating skills. Women studying law can quickly find suitable positions in companies, as all organizations, whether large or small, require legal expertise to avoid costly mistakes.

Marketing: This job is well-suited for women, as it requires excellent communication skills with customers. Leading customers to choose their company’s products or services is a crucial aspect that businesses cannot overlook in reaching consumers.


Human Resources Administrator: Female students, with their adaptable and skillful communication style, may have an advantage in understanding and caring for each employee within a company more subtly than male students.

This AVA article has compiled all the information to help you answer the question of whether girls should study business administration or not. Hopefully, it serves as a useful reference to help you choose the most suitable major for yourself.

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