Revealing Simple & Safe Tips to Repel Ants for Your Family’s Health

Revealing Simple & Safe Tips to Repel Ants for Your Family's Health

Ants are insects that can be quite troublesome in our daily lives, and they are also a nuisance to the food industry. They can cause food poisoning and contaminate our food. However, instead of using chemical ant repellents, you can consider these simple and safe methods to repel ants effectively for the health of your family.

Using Lemon to Repel Ants

Lemon can effectively eliminate ants in your garden, yard, and indoors. You can squeeze lemon juice in areas where ants are present, as ants are repelled by the scent of lemon. When you clean your floor, you can mix lemon juice with water to mop the floor. This not only repels ants but also other insects.

Revealing Simple & Safe Tips to Repel Ants for Your Family's Health

Effective Use of Vinegar to Eliminate Ants

Vinegar is a popular choice for ant repellent due to its safety. Vinegar disrupts ants’ olfactory senses and destroys their pheromones.


Ants are attracted to cornstarch but cannot digest it. Cornstarch causes ants to die. Therefore, cornstarch is not only an ant repellent but also an effective method to exterminate them.

Orange Peel

You can use orange peels as an alternative to vinegar if you dislike the vinegar’s smell. Grind the orange peels with a little water in a blender. Then apply this mixture to ant nests and areas with ants. Once they sense the orange peel scent, they will not venture out of their nests.

Using Chalk to Eliminate Ants

Using chalk can also effectively eliminate ants. They will not cross a chalk line due to the substances in chalk disrupting their pheromones. You can draw a chalk line or sprinkle chalk powder in areas where ants are concentrated, such as cabinets, kitchens, trash cans, etc. Calcium carbonate in the chalk will repel ants quickly and effectively.

Revealing Simple & Safe Tips to Repel Ants for Your Family's Health


This article has provided you with simple and highly effective tips to repel ants. We hope you can adopt these methods to keep ants from invading and disrupting your household. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for advice and assistance. Wishing you success in keeping ants away with these tips!

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