Quick Tips for Soothing Nighttime Crying in Children

Quick Tips for Soothing Nighttime Crying in Children

Soothing a crying child at night is a challenge many parents face, especially those who are new to parenthood. Nighttime crying not only affects the child’s development but also disrupts parents’ sleep, leading to stress and fatigue. If you’re dealing with this situation, here are some detailed tips to help your child sleep through the night.

Highly Effective Tips for Soothing Nighttime Crying in Children

Throughout history, nighttime fussiness and crying have been common issues with almost every child. However, excessive crying can negatively impact both the child’s and the parent’s sleep quality, affecting overall health. Here are some highly effective tips for soothing nighttime crying that parents can consider:

Quick Tips for Soothing Nighttime Crying in Children

Use Betel Leaves

Betel leaves have long been recognized for their various benefits, including anti-inflammatory and anti-rash properties. Among these benefits, betel leaves have also been successfully used to calm nighttime crying in children. Warm a betel leaf and apply it gently on the child’s abdomen. Then, hold the baby’s tummy against your own to let the warm vapor transfer, enhancing the effectiveness.

Try a Blunt Knife

An age-old remedy that has been passed down is the use of a blunt knife to prevent nighttime fussiness. Borrow a blunt knife that your neighbors might have and place it under the child’s bed. Since this is a discreet method, you don’t need to explain it to anyone in the family. After a certain period, your baby will likely stop crying. At that point, you can return the knife to your neighbor.

Apply Green Tea Leaves

Similar to using betel leaves, fresh green tea leaves are also a highly effective remedy for calming nighttime crying. Take fresh, small, and tender green tea leaves, wash and crush them, and then place them on the child’s abdomen. To prevent them from falling off, you can use a bandage to secure the leaves around the baby’s belly.

Use Bamboo Stalks

To help your baby sleep through the night without crying, you can also use bamboo stalks. Cut the bamboo stalk into three small sections and discreetly place them in your baby’s sleeping area. This can contribute to improved sleep quality and reduced nighttime fussiness.

Quick Tips for Soothing Nighttime Crying in Children


We hope that the tips we’ve shared for soothing nighttime crying will be beneficial for you. Feel free to apply and experiment with these methods. Rest assured, your baby will sleep more soundly and peacefully, with reduced nighttime fussiness.

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