Q&A: What not to eat when burned?

Q&A: What not to eat when burned?

In addition to proper first aid, nutrition is a crucial factor that you should pay special attention to in order to minimize the risk of leaving raised scars and discoloration after a burn. To provide accurate answers to your query about what not to eat when burned, let’s delve into the details in the article below!

What should you avoid eating when burned?

In daily life, accidental contact with hot objects such as frying pans or boiling water is hard to avoid, and this can lead to burns. Without careful attention, the body may end up with raised scars and permanent discoloration that affects aesthetics. Therefore, if you’re wondering what not to eat when burned, let’s go through the following information:

Q&A: What not to eat when burned?

Chicken and sticky rice

The compounds in sticky rice and chicken can exacerbate itching and inflammation at the burn site, leading to redness, blistering, and oozing when consumed. Therefore, it’s essential to steer clear of these foods if you want burns to heal properly and avoid the risk of inflammation and unsightly scarring.


When discussing what not to eat when burned, beef cannot be overlooked. The compounds in this type of meat can stimulate melanin production, causing newly formed skin after a burn to become darker and affecting aesthetics.


Although eggs are nutrient-rich foods, their nutrients can slow down the healing process of burns. Additionally, the whitening effect of egg on burn wounds is a factor to avoid, should you unfortunately get burned.

Smoked meats

Certainly, smoked meats should not be omitted from the list of foods to avoid when burned. Using this type of meat often prolongs the healing process of burns beyond the normal timeframe, so special attention is necessary.


Similar to eggs, seafood is a nutrient-dense group of foods that are beneficial for health. However, when consumed after a burn, seafood can intensify itching, redness, and discomfort at the burn site. It’s important to avoid scratching the wound to prevent long healing times and raised scarring that affects aesthetics.

Q&A: What not to eat when burned?


Through the information we’ve shared, readers can be confident that they’ve found accurate answers to their question about what not to eat when burned for faster healing. We hope you successfully apply these recommendations to minimize raised scars and discoloration!

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