Q&A Corner: What to Avoid Eating After Lip Tattooing?

Q&A Corner: What to Avoid Eating After Lip Tattooing?

Lip tattooing, a cosmetic procedure highly favored by beauty enthusiasts, has been popular for many years. Many individuals aspire to achieve soft, smooth, and rosy lips after undergoing this procedure. So, what should you avoid eating to ensure the proper healing and ideal pigmentation of your lips after lip tattooing? The detailed answer can be found in the following article!

Foods to Avoid After Lip Tattooing

Following lip tattooing, your lips require proper care to recover and prevent irritation. Therefore, you should avoid consuming the following foods to prevent any adverse effects on your lips after the procedure:

Q&A Corner: What to Avoid Eating After Lip Tattooing?

Chicken and Beef

While chicken and beef are rich in nutrients like iron and magnesium beneficial for the body, they are absolute no-no’s after lip tattooing. The compounds in these meats can potentially lead to scarring and discoloration, causing harm to your healing lips. You can reintroduce these foods into your diet 7 to 10 days after the lip tattooing procedure.

Sticky Rice Dishes

Sticky rice dishes like glutinous rice and rice cakes are among the foods you should avoid after lip tattooing. The components in these dishes can cause inflammation, prolonged healing, and discomfort.

Water Spinach

Water spinach is considered hazardous for open wounds, including freshly tattooed lips. Water spinach has the potential to cause raised scars and pigment discoloration, which are difficult to treat. It is advisable to abstain from water spinach until your lips have fully healed.

Seafood and Fast Food

Seafood and fast food items high in oily content should be eliminated from your diet post-lip tattooing. Seafood contains histamine and proteins that can lead to itching, irritation, and unsatisfactory lip pigmentation. Instead, opt for a diet rich in leafy greens and lean proteins.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are generally detrimental to health, and they are also foods to avoid after lip tattooing. When your healing lips come into contact with spicy foods, it can cause irritation, burning, and more severe issues like non-healing ulcers.


Stimulants can adversely affect blood circulation, which is detrimental for individuals who have recently undergone lip tattooing. They directly impact the pigmentation and healing of the lips.

Q&A Corner: What to Avoid Eating After Lip Tattooing?


We hope this article provides you with comprehensive information about what to avoid eating after lip tattooing. Practicing dietary caution during the post-tattooing period is vital to attain plump, rosy lips. Remember, refraining from the mentioned foods will contribute to achieving the desired results of your lip tattooing procedure.”

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