Providing You with the Top 10 Best Online News Websites in Vietnam

Providing You with the Top 10 Best Online News Websites in Vietnam

Reading the news is a way to gather information and stay updated on notable events both domestically and globally. With the top 10 best online news websites in Vietnam recommended in the article below, you can read the news anytime, anywhere with the highest quality information. is a prominent Vietnamese online news portal that covers a wide range of topics from within the country and around the world. Its swift news updates and diverse sections will keep you well-informed.

Providing You with the Top 10 Best Online News Websites in Vietnam

Zing news is an online news platform developed by Vinagames. It provides readers with rich and diverse news content, presented through a simple and user-friendly interface for your convenience.

This website offers entertainment and daily life news in Vietnam, including sports, fashion, beauty, and education. With over 100 articles updated daily, you can stay informed about the latest and hottest news.

Dân trí is an online news website affiliated with the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. With a large daily traffic, you can get the latest updates on societal, political, economic, sports, and cultural news.

Another highly regarded Vietnamese online news source, is under the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of its news updates.

Boasting a user-friendly interface, Bao moi offers comprehensive news coverage across various fields, allowing readers to gather a full and multidimensional view of current events.

This online platform is part of a multimedia communication complex affiliated with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. With daily updates on domestic and international news, along with engaging sections for the youth, has become a trusted and cherished companion for many readers.

Representing the Vietnam Youth Federation, Báo thanh niên is published daily with a diverse range of news spanning multiple fields. It offers both English and Vietnamese versions for easier access to information.

Bao lao động represents the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and covers various aspects of life. It focuses particularly on labor rights and protection, making it a favorite among workers.

Providing You with the Top 10 Best Online News Websites in Vietnam is a news and entertainment platform targeting primarily young readers. It covers a wide range of topics including entertainment, fashion, movies, love, and education.


This article has introduced you to the top 10 best online news websites in Vietnam. These websites are highly rated for their accurate and comprehensive news coverage. By utilizing these platforms, you can effectively stay updated on the latest news and events.

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