[Pro Tips] Winning Strategies for Playing Teamfight Tactics

[Pro Tips] Winning Strategies for Playing Teamfight Tactics

Are you new to Teamfight Tactics? Struggling to figure out how to win? Take a look at our compiled tips for playing Teamfight Tactics in this article. They’re sure to help you secure victories in your matches.

Surefire Tips for Winning in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is an engaging game that may not be easy to conquer right from the start. Below are some crucial tips for playing Teamfight Tactics that you can refer to.

[Pro Tips] Winning Strategies for Playing Teamfight Tactics

Mastering Money Management

In Teamfight Tactics, understanding how to use your money wisely is key to avoiding wasteful spending. If you don’t have a specific purpose, it’s best to save your money and refrain from buying unnecessary items that could impact your battles.

Moreover, if you plan to Roll, it’s wise to check other players’ boards to see if they have the units you’re looking for and how many are left. If you want to Roll for a Jhin, for instance, consider temporarily purchasing the 4-cost units to increase your chances of getting Jhin.

Check Other Players’ Compositions

One of the critical strategies in Teamfight Tactics is to inspect other players’ team compositions. With numerous unbeatable lineups in the game, there’s a high chance of overlapping units, resulting in losses.

To avoid having your units ‘stolen,’ examine the boards of players who share a similar lineup with you and decide whether to stick with your current composition or switch to a different one. Simultaneously, observing other players’ compositions helps you better arrange your own lineup for a more effective victory.

Item Combination

Each team composition can benefit from different item combinations. For instance, if you’re using Jhin, consider pairing them with the Blue Buff instead of the Infinity Edge. Additionally, depending on your team’s strength, select necessary and fitting items to optimize your carry’s performance.

[Pro Tips] Winning Strategies for Playing Teamfight Tactics

Furthermore, when you know what items your carry needs, you can give these items to a ‘placeholder’ champion, much like giving items to Caitlyn before Jhin… This tactic helps maintain health to secure victories.


Teamfight Tactics is a highly enjoyable game loved by a large player base. We hope that the Teamfight Tactics gameplay tips we’ve shared will help you gain more experience and achieve greater victories in each match.

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