Pregnancy Foot Massage Technique

Pregnancy Foot Massage Technique

Tingling and swelling in the feet are common discomforts experienced by pregnant women. Therefore, in the following article, shopdepre will share with you the foot massage technique for pregnant women to alleviate discomfort during the pregnancy period!

Foot Massage

You will use your thumb gently to rub the back meaty part of the toes for about 30 seconds. Perform gentle stroking movements consistently and continuously along the foot.

Pregnancy Foot Massage Technique

Next, perform a massage of the sole of the foot. Use both hands to hold the sole of the foot and slowly press the ends of the thumbs along the length of the sole of the foot, from under the heel to the toes. Repeat this movement along with foot massage for about 7-8 minutes.

Calf Massage

After massaging the foot, move to the ankle area and continue with a gentle massage in this area. Use both hands to gently stroke from the ankle to the calf, which helps enhance blood circulation and reduce swelling symptoms. Next, gently massage and knead along the calf down to the ankle. Repeat the movement for 8-10 minutes and then continue massaging the other foot.

Pregnancy Foot Massage Technique

In addition to using hands for massage, you can also use a foot massage chair or a full-body massage chair with foot massage function to make relaxation and health care simpler and more effective.

Cases when pregnant women should avoid foot massage:


Pre-eclampsia is a dangerous complication during pregnancy caused by high blood pressure. It can also have adverse effects on other organs, particularly the kidneys.

Deep Vein Thrombosis:

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition related to veins deep within the body, especially those deep in the legs. This condition causes swelling and pain in the pregnant woman’s legs.

For these reasons, when encountering complications such as pre-eclampsia and deep vein thrombosis, massage can be risky for pregnant women. The pressure applied during massage can cause blood clots to detach and move freely, potentially leading to serious complications, especially pulmonary embolism.

Pregnancy Foot Massage Technique

Therefore, when pregnant women show symptoms of pre-eclampsia or deep vein thrombosis, they should avoid massage or only perform this technique with the approval and clear guidance of a doctor, specifying the massage movements, the type of massage chair, and the recommended massage exercises.

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