Postpartum Cesarean Care: What to Avoid for a Speedy Recovery

Postpartum Cesarean Care: What to Avoid for a Speedy Recovery

How should you take care of yourself after a cesarean section to recover quickly? Many new mothers have this question. Cesarean births can lead to various health issues, including infections and complications, if not properly cared for. Read this article to learn more about postpartum cesarean care and how to ensure a safe and efficient recovery.

How Long Should You Follow Postpartum Cesarean Care?

After a cesarean delivery, women often experience pain due to the incision, weakened body, and challenges in daily activities. Traditionally, it was recommended that new mothers follow postpartum cesarean care for 100 days. However, modern medical advice suggests a period of around 42 days. During this recovery phase, it’s crucial to adhere to postpartum care guidelines to prevent infections and potential complications.

Postpartum Cesarean Care: What to Avoid for a Speedy Recovery

Postpartum Cesarean Care Guidelines

To aid in the healing of the incision and facilitate a speedy recovery for taking care of both yourself and your newborn, consider the following postpartum cesarean care tips:

Avoid Lying Flat for Extended Periods

The position you lie in significantly affects your postpartum recovery. During this period, try to lie on your side instead of flat on your back. This gentle angle helps alleviate uterine contractions.

Avoid Overeating After Cesarean Delivery

Cesarean delivery can cause a loss of energy, leading to hunger. It’s tempting to eat large amounts of food to compensate for the loss, but overeating can hinder digestion and potentially lead to discomfort. Instead, eat balanced meals, avoid fatty foods, and ensure appropriate rest for optimal digestion.

Avoid Cold Water Baths Immediately After Surgery

Postpartum bodies are vulnerable to external factors, making them prone to infections and susceptibility to cold. It’s essential to avoid cold water baths and ice-cold beverages during your recovery period.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Engaging in heavy lifting after cesarean delivery can delay recovery and prolong the healing process. Focus on rest and self-care, avoiding strenuous activities.

Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene

Keeping the incision area and genital region clean and dry is essential to prevent infection. Use products recommended by your doctor, avoid direct rubbing of the incision, and ensure that the wound remains dry to prevent infections.

Postpartum Cesarean Care: What to Avoid for a Speedy Recovery


By following these postpartum cesarean care guidelines, you can promote a safe and efficient recovery process. Rest and appropriate care are crucial for your long-term health and well-being.

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