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For football lovers in general and Vietnamese football in particular, Doan Van Hau is a beloved name. Doan Van Hau is currently an exceptional defender for the Vietnamese national team. Let’s explore his biography, career, and achievements through the following article.

Biography of Player Doan Van Hau

Doan Van Hau was born on April 19, 1999, in Hung Ha, Thai Binh. Standing at an impressive height of 1.85m, he has achieved numerous remarkable accomplishments with the national team. With his skills and excellent attacking style on the field, fans believe that he possesses extensive professional experience.


Career of Player Doan Van Hau

Despite his young age, Doan Van Hau has already demonstrated his talent, which has helped establish his capabilities. When discussing his career as a defender, we cannot overlook the following significant milestones:

Playing for Hanoi FC

Doan Van Hau previously had the opportunity to play for Hanoi FC, which served as a cradle for his growing reputation and laid the foundation for his future career.

Youth Career

Doan Van Hau joined U15 Hanoi T&T at the age of 13, driven by his passion for the round ball. This versatile 9x player excels in both midfield and defense positions. Alongside his teammates, he helped U19 Hanoi T&T win the national U19 championship for two consecutive years and the national U21 championship in 2016.

First Team

In 2017, Van Hau was transferred to play for the first team of Hanoi FC. He made his appearance in Round 14 of the V-League and became the youngest player to participate in the tournament.

U19 Vietnam

In 2016, Doan Van Hau represented Vietnam in the U19 Southeast Asia Championship. Within the same year, he participated in the AFC U19 Championship with the U19 team. There, his 25-meter strike secured an important victory for the Vietnamese national team against the North Korean team.

Participation in the U20 World Cup 2017

Doan Van Hau competed in the U20 World Cup as part of the U20 team, marking his first appearance in the tournament. Here, he showcased remarkable performances, solidifying his talent.

Signing a Landmark Contract with SC Heerenveen, the Netherlands

In 2019, the Thai Binh-born player made his debut for SC Heerenveen in the Netherlands, signing a loan contract that lasted approximately one year. The transfer fee was disclosed to be 1.5 million euros, equivalent to around 38.3 billion VND.


Notable Achievements in Doan Van Hau’s Career

Throughout his years of dedication to football, Doan Van Hau has achieved numerous prestigious accolades. Some notable achievements that have made fans proud include:

Domestic Club Honors:

Hanoi FC: V-League Champions: 2018, 2019.
U19 Vietnam:

3rd Place in the AFC U19 Championship: 2016.
U22 Vietnam:

Gold Medal in Men’s Football at the 2019 SEA Games.
U23 Vietnam:

Runners-up in the AFC U23 Championship: 2018.
Vietnamese National Team:

Champions of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018.
Individual Achievements:

Doan Van Hau was honored as the Best Young Player in Southeast Asia in 2017 by the ASEAN Football Federation. He also received the Best Young Male Player award in 2017 and 2018.
AVA has compiled the above information about this talented player from Thai Binh. Hopefully, Doan Van Hau’s football career will flourish even further

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