Player Cong Phuong – The Messi of Vietnam

Player Cong Phuong - The Messi of Vietnam

Cong Phuong is considered one of the best players in the Vietnamese national team. Alongside his exemplary lifestyle on and off the field, Cong Phuong is loved by the people of Vietnam. In this article, we will reveal some information about this talented forward.

Biography of player Cong Phuong:

His full name is Nguyen Cong Phuong, born on January 21, 1995, in My Son, Do Luong, Nghe An. He is a professional football player. Growing up in a financially challenging family, buying a leather ball was a luxury at that time. His father used to weave dried banana leaves together to make a ball for him to practice with.


At the age of 12, he joined the HAGL Arsenal JMG academy. Before being accepted into the Hoang Anh Gia Lai – Arsenal JMG Football Academy, he went through a rigorous selection process. Nguyen Cong Phuong was among the young players enrolled in the first batch of the HAGL-Arsenal JMG Football Academy.

Football career of player Cong Phuong:

On November 16, 2012, Arsenal’s Technical Director, Steve Morrow, sent a summons to four players from the HAGL-Arsenal JMG Football Academy – Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh, and Dong Trieu – to train at Arsenal’s training center in London.

In 2014, Cong Phuong and his batchmates from the Hoang Anh Gia Lai – Arsenal – JMG academy were given the opportunity to play in the V-League 2015 wearing the Hoang Anh Gia Lai club’s jersey.


In the first match of the 2015 season, he was selected to start and scored a goal. At the end of the season, Cong Phuong scored a total of 6 goals and played over 2000 minutes.

On December 23, 2015, Cong Phuong signed a contract with Mito Hollyhock. He joined the club on a one-year loan deal in the J-League 2, with a transfer fee of $100,000.

Cong Phuong was called up by coach Miura Toshiya to the U23 Vietnam national team for the 28th SEA Games. In this tournament, he scored 3 goals and provided many assists.

Achievements of player Cong Phuong:

In his professional football career, Cong Phuong has achieved numerous honors, including:

Joined the HAGL Arsenal JMG academy at the age of 12.
Made his debut in the U19 Vietnam national team in 2013.
Officially played for the U23 Vietnam national team and the Hoang Anh Gia Lai first team in the V-League in 2015.
Runner-up in the Southeast Asian U19 Championship in 2013 and 2014.
Runner-up in the Southeast Asian U22 Championship in 2014 in Brunei.
Best player of the Southeast Asian U22 Championship in 2014 in Brunei.
Champion of the U21 International Championship in 2014 with U19 HAGL, and the outstanding player of the final.
Top scorer in the AFC U19 Championship qualification in 2014.
Top 3 Best Players of 2014 in the Vietnamese Golden Ball Awards.
Most popular Vietnamese player of 2015.


These are detailed pieces of information about the biography, career, and achievements of player Cong Phuong. Hopefully, it has provided you with more knowledge about this player.

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