[Parenting Tips] Remedies for Slow-Speaking Children

[Parenting Tips] Remedies for Slow-Speaking Children

Effective remedies for addressing slow-speaking children have garnered significant attention and interest from concerned parents who observe such signs in their little ones. Numerous parents have successfully applied these methods; how about you? If your child is at the age of speaking but remains relatively “quiet,” let’s explore the following article for insights.

Surprisingly Effective Remedies for Slow-Speaking Children

Children who are slow to speak can be a worry for many parents; however, there’s no need for excessive concern. Let’s try out a few effective remedies for slow-speaking children:

[Parenting Tips] Remedies for Slow-Speaking Children

Using Red Beans

The remedy involving red beans is a popular choice among many due to its simplicity and easily accessible ingredients. Simply soak and clean red beans, let them dry, and then grind them into a fine powder. Place the red bean powder in a bowl and add a sufficient amount of white wine to form a paste. Apply this paste underneath the child’s tongue. Consistent application is key to achieving the fastest results.

The “Jiaguan” Technique

An ancient folk remedy for improving a child’s speech ability involves the “jiaguan” technique, which roughly translates to “snatching food.” The traditional belief is that snatching food from someone’s hand while they are eating is a gesture of asking for a blessing, which is thought to help children develop speech more quickly.

While this method might sound somewhat inconvenient, it is considered highly effective. Simply go to a crowded place like a park or market, observe someone eating something, and then take it from their hand and give it to your child to eat. As it’s a cultural belief, there’s no need to explain to anyone for the best results.

Engage in Conversations with the Child

One of the key ways to help a slow-speaking child is for parents to engage in conversations with them more frequently. Conversing with children fosters connection and stimulates their intellectual development, encouraging curiosity and boosting their confidence in pronunciation. Ask simple questions to ensure better understanding and encourage the child to express their desires.

Enroll the Child in School

When a child starts attending school, they interact with more peers and teachers, which can significantly enhance their communication skills. Through this exposure, they learn to listen, express themselves, and communicate more effectively. Additionally, attending school provides an environment for socializing and independent play, promoting better social skills.

[Parenting Tips] Remedies for Slow-Speaking Children


The effectiveness of the mentioned remedies for slow-speaking children requires time, so regardless of the chosen method, patience is essential. Dedicate ample time to your child to allow them to speak more confidently and fluently.

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