Natural Remedies from Mulberry Leaves for Instant Insomnia Relief

Natural Remedies from Mulberry Leaves for Instant Insomnia Relief

According to traditional folk medicine, mulberry leaves are used to treat insomnia. Is this true? Let’s explore the effects of mulberry leaves together with Shopdepre.

Why are mulberry leaves considered an effective folk remedy for insomnia?

Mulberry trees are widely grown and used for various purposes, such as raising silkworms, harvesting fruits, landscaping, and medicinal applications.

Natural Remedies from Mulberry Leaves for Instant Insomnia Relief

Mulberry leaves are used to relieve heat, detoxify the liver and lungs. In traditional Chinese medicine, mulberry leaves are known to treat wind ailments, cleanse the lungs, promote blood circulation, alleviate headaches, dizziness, relax the nervous system, and facilitate better sleep. Dried mulberry leaves are believed to nourish the blood and support the production of body fluids and moisten the intestines, but this requires time for verification.

5 ways to use mulberry leaves to treat insomnia

To use mulberry leaves to treat insomnia, follow these methods:

Method 1: Preparation: The best time to harvest mulberry leaves is in late autumn, when the leaves are dark in color and soaked with dew. The harvesting time is crucial – they should be cut before sunrise and still covered in dew.

Natural Remedies from Mulberry Leaves for Instant Insomnia Relief

Execution: After collecting the leaves, wash them thoroughly to remove dirt and then sun-dry them. Store them in a clean and airtight place for long-term use. The recommended dosage is 50g of leaves boiled with water for about 20 minutes, to be used as a replacement for regular drinking water. Results may become noticeable after about 15 days.

Method 2: Prepare 10 fresh mulberry leaves. Fresh leaves are preferable to dried ones.

Execution: Rinse the leaves thoroughly and boil them to extract the water for daily consumption. Drinking it continuously for about 10 days may yield positive effects.

Method 3: Besides mulberry leaves, mulberry fruits can also be used to treat insomnia.

Preparation: A suitable number of ripe mulberries.

Execution: Clean the fruits to remove dirt; handle them gently as they can be easily damaged. The fruits are most effective when dried. Soak dried mulberries in warm water, steep and then drink half of the infusion daily to treat insomnia.

Method 4: Prepare 500g of ripe mulberries, 400g of sugar, and a glass jar.

Natural Remedies from Mulberry Leaves for Instant Insomnia Relief

Execution: Rinse the mulberries with diluted salt water and let them dry. Layer the glass jar with mulberries and sugar, alternating between the two until everything is used. Seal the jar tightly and let it sit for 20 days. This will yield mulberry syrup. Once the syrup is ready, dilute it with water for daily consumption – it will quench your thirst, cool you down, and treat insomnia.

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