Natural Nose Lift Massage Technique

Natural Nose Lift Massage Technique

Massage is a beauty technique that can help achieve a naturally higher nose bridge. Below, shopdepre will share with you a nose bridge elevation massage method.

Spoon Massage

Using an everyday rice spoon and some warm water, you can have a massage tool to help raise your nose bridge naturally.

Natural Nose Lift Massage Technique

Start by cleaning the spoon thoroughly, then soak it in hot water for 5 minutes and dry it. Use the rounded part of the spoon to gently press on the nose bridge and swipe down to the sides of the nose, then reverse the motion. Repeat this massage continuously for about 3 minutes.

Consistent and regular practice of this method every day can lead to a taller and slimmer nose bridge without the need for surgery, eliminating the risks of complications.

Natural Nose Lift Massage Technique

Increasing Nose Height through Mouth Muscle Movements

Start by rounding your mouth into an “O” shape and then stretching your facial muscles to lower your mouth and chin as much as possible. Hold this position for about 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise around 30 times for the best results.

With this method, you only need 4-5 minutes every day when you have some free time. This technique is quite effective as it’s convenient and easy to perform. It’s a simple and safe beauty method that doesn’t require the use of surgical procedures or knives. As the central feature of the face, the nose attracts attention and contributes significantly to facial aesthetics. It functions as both the olfactory organ and an aesthetic element.

Natural Nose Lift Massage Technique

There are various criteria for determining an attractive nose. The height of the nose should be around 22-24mm, with a nasal bridge angle of about 11mm. The length of the nose is equal to 12 times the length of the face. The width of the nose is about 70% of the total length of the nose, and the width of the nasal bridge is around 10mm. Additionally, proportions between the angle of the nose, lips, and forehead contribute to symmetry.

In this way, shopdepre has shared all the information related to the topic of natural nose bridge elevation through massage.

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