Massage Techniques for Increasing Breast Size for Women

Massage Techniques for Increasing Breast Size for Women

Modest breast size often makes many women feel self-conscious. Therefore, in this article, Shopdepre will share massage techniques to help you boost your confidence by achieving a more attractive and firm breast size.

Breast Massage Technique in the Morning and Evening

First, gently massage both breasts in a circular motion, from bottom to top and from the outside to the inside. Note that when massaging, use your fingertips with very gentle and slow pressure for the best results. If you’re massaging the right breast clockwise, then massage the left breast counterclockwise.

Massage Techniques for Increasing Breast Size for Women

The ideal time for breast massage is in the early morning right after waking up and in the evening before bedtime. You should perform about 100 circular motions in the morning and approximately 300 circular motions in the evening for each breast. Additionally, you can enhance the effectiveness of breast care by using various massage oils.

Breast Massage Technique While Bathing

Health and beauty experts highly recommend massaging while taking a bath. Use warm water (between 20°C to 37°C). The ideal duration is around 10 to 15 minutes. If you’re using a showerhead to massage, ensure that the water pressure is not too weak or too strong. Avoid using soap during the massage as it contains alkaline substances.

Massage Techniques for Increasing Breast Size for Women

Adhering to these instructions ensures that breast massage is effective while protecting the internal structure of the breasts. It also ensures proper blood circulation without causing swelling, inflammation, or sagging. Moreover, it prevents blockages in milk ducts and disruptions in milk production, which can negatively affect breast health.

Salt Bath for Breast Firmness

Taking a saltwater bath is beneficial for breast firmness. Mix a small amount of salt in the bathwater. You should do this once a week and soak for 15 minutes to feel noticeable changes in your body.

Remember that the breast area is sensitive, so avoid applying excessive force. Do not massage if you have had recent fractures or surgeries, during menstruation when breasts are tender and prone to injury, when physically weak or recovering from illness, or in cases of breastbone issues, breast pain, swelling, or inflammation.

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