Massage Technique to Minimize Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Massage Technique to Minimize Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy and childbirth can be a concern for expectant mothers. In this article, shopdepre will share with you a massage technique to help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy.

Massage Therapy:

Massage is an effective method for both health and skin beauty. It increases elasticity and prevents stretch marks. Pregnant women can start massaging in the fourth month of pregnancy and continue for up to three months after childbirth. During the first three months of pregnancy, it’s advisable to limit massage as this is the time when the fetus is forming and is not yet stable.

Massage Technique to Minimize Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

To perform the massage, pregnant mothers can apply a little olive oil or baby moisturizing oil to their hands and gently massage around the abdomen, chest, and thighs. For a deep belly massage, start at the lower abdomen, gently massage in a clockwise direction, and gradually expand outward. When massaging the thighs, begin at the knee and work your way up to the thighs and hips. When massaging the chest area, use both hands to simultaneously massage from the bottom upward and from the inside to the outside until reaching the neck.

Each massage session should last for about 15-20 minutes and should be done twice a day.

In addition to massage therapy, pregnant women should also consider the following points to minimize stretch marks:

Exercise: Activities like walking, yoga, and swimming are excellent for pregnant women as they not only help reduce stretch marks but also benefit muscles and facilitate a smoother childbirth.

Massage Technique to Minimize Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Weight Control: The appearance of stretch marks is often due to rapid and excessive weight gain, so controlling weight during pregnancy is essential. According to doctors, during the first three months of pregnancy, mothers should only gain 1-2 kg, and in the following months, they should aim for a weight gain of 0.5 kg per month.

Diet: Pregnant women should eat balanced meals, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, while limiting snacks and especially fatty and sugary foods.

Full-Body Massage Chair:

In addition to traditional massage techniques, pregnant women can also use a full-body massage chair. In reality, using a massage chair is similar to visiting a health care center for a massage. What’s crucial is choosing the right movements, techniques, and appropriate pressure.

The drawback of a massage chair is that it cannot reach the chest and abdomen of the user, but it can still care for the thighs and help reduce stretch marks on the thighs. Moreover, modern massage chairs come with various deep massage features. The separate roller system for the feet is one of them, helping users stimulate foot circulation, perform acupressure on the feet, and massage leg muscles. This assists pregnant women in relieving swelling in the feet due to the weight of the fetus and limited movement.

Massage Technique to Minimize Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers often experience stress and fatigue. Massage therapy or gentle massages using a massage chair can help relieve stress, relax, uplift spirits, benefit both the mother and the fetus.

Additionally, massage enhances blood circulation to various body organs, especially those farther away, such as the legs. It also promotes the exchange of substances under the skin and eliminates toxins.

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