Massage Methods for Men’s Health

massage eo cho nam

Massage is considered an effective method for reducing stress and improving overall health, not only for women but also for men.

Facial Massage Method

Facial massage is regarded as one of the effective methods to relieve tension and fatigue. It not only provides excellent benefits for the mind but also helps firm the skin, relax facial nerves, and prevent visual impairment.

To maintain effectiveness, the duration of the massage should last for 5 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week. The intensity of the massage may vary depending on each person’s tolerance, but you should stop when your face feels warm. If you have dry skin, avoid applying excessive pressure or massaging too quickly, as this can cause damage to the skin.

massage eo cho nam

Waist Massage Method

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to massage from the Du Meridian point (located horizontally from the third lumbar vertebra down to 13cm below). Use moderate pressure at this point to open the meridian, which helps strengthen the spine, benefit the kidneys, improve fertility, and prolong lifespan.

The kidneys are considered organs that adapt to heat and fear cold. Therefore, massaging the waist area will warm the kidneys and enhance blood circulation.

To massage, warm your hands first, then press firmly on the waist area and gradually move downward to the buttocks, repeating 50-100 times for 5 minutes each morning.

Liver Massage on the Feet

The soles of the feet are often referred to as the second heart of the body because they contain nerve connections to important organs and body parts. Massaging these areas can improve brain function, calm the mind, enhance blood circulation, and effectively clear the veins.

Massage mặt cho nam

Here are two effective foot massage methods you should try:

Dry massage: First, use your left hand to hold the back of the foot, then use your right hand to rub and press along the foot to generate heat. Repeat the same process on the other foot.

Wet massage: This method is similar to dry massage, but before applying the wet massage technique, soak your feet in warm water until they turn red.

Massage gan bàn chân

In addition to foot massage, you can also consider using technologies such as foot massage machines to enhance the effectiveness of the massage. Modern massage devices are equipped with optimized 3D or 4D rolling mechanisms to optimize the massage process.

AVASHOP has shared these useful pieces of information about massage positions for men.

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