Massage Methods for Health Care During the Pre-Menopausal Stage

Massage Methods for Health Care During the Pre-Menopausal Stage

During the pre-menopausal stage, women often experience various health issues such as body aches, insomnia, and hot flashes, which can affect their daily life and work. To minimize these symptoms, let’s explore the massage methods that can help take care of your health during the pre-menopausal stage with Shopdepre!

Bath Massage Technique

One of the most common symptoms in women during the pre-menopausal stage is emotional disturbances and irritability. Taking a massage bath can help you regulate your emotions positively and relax. The gentle caress and soothing sensation of water, combined with the subtle aroma of essential oils, can make you feel calmer, more comfortable, improve sleep quality, and alleviate aches and pains.

Massage Methods for Health Care During the Pre-Menopausal Stage

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is considered an excellent method for healthcare. Women can choose from various massage techniques such as Thai massage, Swedish massage, Japanese Shiatsu, or traditional Vietnamese acupressure.

Each massage method has its unique advantages, techniques, and effects on the body. However, in general, all these methods enhance blood circulation, reduce pain and tension, relieve pressure on the heart, and increase blood flow to the brain, reducing the risk of stroke.

Massage Methods for Health Care During the Pre-Menopausal Stage

Furthermore, massage also boosts metabolism, helping the body eliminate toxins.

Full-Body Massage Chair

Modern massage chairs are designed to perform various massage techniques. Moreover, these massage chairs incorporate 3D, 4D, or 5D roller systems with intelligent sensors to scan the body, identify the areas needing massage, locate basic pressure points, and perform precise massage techniques, making the massage more effective.

In addition to this, these chairs come with additional features such as vibration mode for body relaxation, zero-gravity mode for complete body relaxation and better sleep, infrared rays that penetrate deep into the skin and tissues, promoting better blood circulation, and airbag systems that provide specialized care for specific body parts, especially those prone to pain and discomfort, such as hands, feet, shoulders, back, waist, neck, and throat.

According to health experts, massage on a massage chair, similar to traditional massage therapy, stimulates the release of positive hormones, improves mood, and reduces stress and tension. Another advantage of having a full-body massage chair at home is that women can use it at any time, saving both time and travel costs.

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