Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water Method

Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water Method

According to health experts, when the weather turns cold and temperatures drop significantly, we are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, colds, flu, joint pain, and headaches. Therefore, to protect our health, one of the simplest methods is to combine massage with soaking your feet in hot water.

The Benefits of Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the soles of the feet have numerous acupuncture points and blood vessels connected to internal organs. The left foot corresponds to the left half of the body, including the left eye, left kidney, anus, and heart, while the right foot corresponds to the right eye, right kidney, intestines, liver, gallbladder, and appendix.

Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water Method

Proper massage and kneading can help clear blockages, improve blood circulation, treat high blood pressure, headaches, and migraines. Furthermore, when combined with soaking your feet in hot water, it not only enhances blood circulation but also provides a good night’s sleep and various other benefits such as relaxation, increased immunity, and overall well-being.

Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water Method

In addition, the feet are the lowest part of the body, and toxins often accumulate here if there is no physical activity or massage. Especially during the colder winter months, blood circulation and metabolism slow down, affecting the internal organs connected to the feet. Therefore, the combination of massage and foot soaking in hot water becomes even more essential.

The Method of Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water

You can use your fingers, knuckles, and knees to massage your feet during cold weather. Alternatively, you can use modern foot massage machines or full-body massage chairs that include specialized exercises for the feet, applying stretching force and vibration to benefit your health.

Perform the massage for about 15 minutes. Start by massaging the big toe to enhance brain and lung health, then massage the next three toes to alleviate toothache, and finally, the little toe.

Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water Method

In addition to using your hands, knuckles, and heels to press on the toe tips, you can also use the palm of your hand to rub vigorously, make circular motions with the sole of your foot, or use your right big toe to massage the left foot and vice versa.

After finishing the massage, soak your feet in hot water. Fill a wooden tub with water at a temperature of 50-60°C and add some salt or a few slices of ginger. Alternatively, you can use massage oils to help improve blood circulation and achieve better relaxation.

The ideal time for this massage and foot soaking with hot water is in the evening before bedtime. Afterward, combining it with a deep sleep allows your body to recover, repair internal damage, and quickly regenerate energy.

So, Shopdepre has shared with you the method of Massage Combined with Foot Soaking in Hot Water.

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