Massage and Tips for Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Massage and Tips for Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Unhealthy lifestyle habits, improper dietary choices, and high work intensity are among the factors that can seriously impair liver function. To ensure that your liver remains healthy, it’s essential to pay regular attention to its well-being. Let’s explore massage methods and what you should do to maintain a healthy liver in this article.

Daily Massage Regimen

Proper and appropriate massage techniques can enhance blood circulation to the liver and improve metabolism beneath the skin.
To perform this massage, lie on your back and gently massage the areas around the gallbladder and liver to enhance their functions.

Massage and Tips for Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Regularly Drink Lemon Water

Water plays a role in promoting metabolic processes in the body, neutralizing toxins, and alleviating the liver’s burden.
Start your day with a warm glass of water and ensure you drink 2 – 2.5 liters of water daily to meet the liver’s and body’s requirements. In addition to plain water, you can use lemon water, as the citric acid in lemons helps stimulate bile production, aiding in detoxification and cleansing.

Massage and Tips for Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Increase Cruciferous Vegetables Intake

Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, turnip, and purple cabbage, or sulfur-rich spices like garlic and onions, have the ability to enhance the body’s detoxification function. According to nutrition experts, consuming two servings of cruciferous vegetables daily can significantly improve the liver’s detoxification function.

Say No to Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol is detrimental to the liver, so individuals with a history of liver-related diseases should steer clear of alcohol and beer.

Additionally, many people in Vietnam have a habit of self-prescribing and purchasing drugs without a doctor’s guidance. Some medications contain acetaminophen, which, when metabolized in the body, can have adverse effects and damage the liver. Therefore, refrain from self-prescribing medication without medical advice.

Regularly Supplement Minerals

In your daily diet, adjust your menu to meet the body’s mineral requirements, especially important trace elements like magnesium, calcium, and iron.
Patients with liver fibrosis should also supplement vitamins and beneficial minerals as directed by their physicians to aid in liver function restoration and improvement.

Massage and Tips for Keeping Your Liver Healthy
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Use Liver-Enhancing Herbal Tea

Turmeric, dandelion, and milk thistle are all recognized as food-medicines with liver-enhancing effects.
You should increase your consumption of these herbal remedies in your daily diet. Moreover, you can use them to prepare a liver-enhancing herbal tea. Mix 45mg of turmeric, 400mg of dandelion, and 400mg of milk thistle to brew a tea that you can drink throughout the day.

The liver is a vital organ in the body. You can apply massage techniques and follow the recommended steps shared by shopdepre above or use a full-body massage chair or a massage machine to proactively care for your health and that of your family.

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